Thursday, January 23, 2014

in eastern russia

they wear furs and hats and real animals on them cuz it is 45 c  below zero
that is cold man!
people live there because they work in factories and make money to give to their families.
I am just saying, for us to keep things in perspective and even though we are keeping things in perspective, we can still get mad or deal with real suffering..sorry, it isn't all mumbo jumbo..understanding the psyche means real accepting everything about yourself and not just saying everything is a blessing in disguise..
What a bunch of crap, when they say that..I even say it sometimes! I can understand about opportunities to find solutions..but real tragedy is some thing I expect my God  to keep me from:!
Real suffering on babies and children all over the world..women,, :) you don't think I suffer?
Not as much as my mom, having had to see her dad get killed in front of her, but I have, indeed suffered..things...
I feel like we want  go in to this spiritual place that resembles Nirvana..and if it is only in our minds and we are in reality in a cave half naked because ..unless you are out there busting ass and praising your lord, you are faked..

Like god wants you to praise..I mean just the fact that he is all knowing and all loving and already evolved to the place he says I need to, he still needs me to praise him?
"all the glory to jesus", one woman wrote today on this thing I was reading..
oh yea, maybe he should show up once in a while before someone gets cancer and dies too soon..dude!

I wish to praise you and thank you for your goodness and friendship. Thank you my sweet soapie friends:)
here are some affirmations for your day:)

I  praise me, but quietly..
I  avoid trouble !
I  read more and worry less
I  exercise
at work, I  do my best and smile
I always cook good food
I will not embroil myself with people who drain me
I  have rich generous friends
I am generous
My generosity unfolds as boons for me
It is easy for me to be generous to myself
I give freely

one week sour dough and roasted red peppers from yia yia's garden and yes, serve with feta!

ok here is the recipe

you make regualr bread one day with yeast and your favorite flour
make dough
save a little chunk of the dough and put it in the refri untill tomorrow
when tomorrow comes, you take out the ball of dough and put it in a bowl, add twice as much warm water and a 1/2 teaspoon really good salt, I used kosher sea salt other yeast.

mix the dough with the water and add a little more flower to make a smooth pasty looking dough..
now leave that be for 6 hours
later, add flour and make a nice ball of dough and leave that be for 2 hours..
rip a chunk off of it and put it in the  refri..
pre heat oven and bake the loaf of bread...mmm
when tomorrow comes again pull out your dough and repeat..

This is a culture that will reflect only bacteria that resides in your home..on your hands:)
By the time you get to day five or six, you will note a fruity scent coming from the yeasts which have formed. It should smell like a sweet vinegar kind of scent..
so almost sour dough..
One baker told me that sooner or later it always just runs out of steam and wont produce enough yeasts..
I will start another one with pineapple juice wihich is said to be great as a starter it has enough sweetness and yet the bromolain kills all the bad stuff!

I hope you have a nice day:)

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