Thursday, January 2, 2014

Jupiter is retrograde

Jupiter is  retrograde in Cancer
My memories are exploding. I can remember events clearly right now! So I had to look back and try to make some connections. the lesson is relearned as needed.

Once or twice,
I've  had 3 or  4 shots of tequila and woke up outside in the patio or even bathroom, wishing I were dead a couple times really! I could never hold my liquor, not one time! I didn't die each time, you know. You think your head will explode, but it doesn't, you just have to put up with yourself having slept on a floor, like a drunken whore.
I am pretty much a home body so the only others who know of this are two husbands and you.Oh and that one time, when my cousin Nick, made Irish coffee and I drank two and well, you testosterone that night!
One of the Nicks usually  drove me home.( i think I married him..:)
 We ( me and the Nick's and all the  George's)  would go driving in Nick's Van and sing Led Zeplin songs...They were so cute and respectful. One lovely boy, Mark even taught me to drive a manual! His little round car..he was so cute! We went to Greek classes together. it was enough for us..He became a doctor.
We were like a Greek version of Saturday Night Fever..which means we went home and ate spanakopita while our moms scolded!

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