Tuesday, January 14, 2014

happy full moon

ok, maybe it is full of news and realizations
so now you know
something about someone close or the inside part of you that should change too
do you want something too much in proportion to who you are? be it money, love, loyalty or a commitment to righteousness in your eyes??

don't let it ruin your day, people are always fucking up and it is your job to clean up the mess? man, that is your thing..you want the end and then you don't. It is like an addiction you love. certainly with Capricorn involved there is discontent and a level of plateau..which needs tending from you..
again, I am talking about all of us here..which one of us can say we have a perfect stress free life?

the full moon can bring out mistakes and with these freaking intense planets involved right now..like mars Venus in a challenge and  Pluto lurking in Capricorn all day for years! Mistakes a motherly types will very much view and talk about. me and my mom talk all the time about the farms..
I mostly think this trend is about small mundane things  on a 2014 plus a million or two level:)
It is Sun Pluto still on some level..we are all thinking about out health and our faces and hair, and our eyes and enjoying each others time..

What is really good is this..be kind and everything will be fine..start freaking out and people leave, even mentally they close more doors.

I find that our addictions get the best of us some days.Pluto  will not wait..what is your addiction?
I love coffee a sweet cake and a good science documentary on some days and the game of thrones..omg, walking dead in a just a few weeks!
Andrew Lincoln, he is so real looking..I love that!


  1. as i was reading this, this morning i had a craving to wear jasmine, so i did

  2. I did too that day..today, rose and chamomile..I think I'll go and dab some more rose on now:)