Tuesday, January 21, 2014

the fox is happy here

you know, fox,  they are smart and so are dogs and cats..
some humans eat them
humans eat whatever they can to survive.
they will hunt for rabbit or even squirrel..turkeys! Livonia deer thrive here. I have seen mommas with their young, but this cold winter may change that next year...I hope they are ok and boroughed in somewhere:)

In this one village, Taiji, in Japan , says it is their tradition (since like the 1960's!!)
we should go back and see why they began doing that..hungry I reckon and now they don't know that they aren't hungry any more. I wonder if the oily toxic meat of this creature is making them some sort of evolutionary dilution of toxins in the oceans...you know, the fish eat the ocean food, man eats the fish..he becomes a filter of some sort..then right back into the ocean...all the blood shed during the slughter attracts  some sort of other creatues that have developed a  taste for blood that feeds on something else that  feeds the dolphins..maybe it makes a drug like addictiction, a very addictive fat based disire...involving the brain, all the omegas, toxic or no, would definately be taken into concideration when thinking about fish oils in general and now the protiens coming from a mamal like creature also playing a role in brain developement..even though, and with all the omegas and fatty acids, the toxic metals take over and you have zombies..metalic brained killers...
Ever since,  their population as a little village is mostly old people and and fewer births every year. You know, the radiation thing around Japan all the time..How do they need all those nuclear reactors on that small island?
It is the season in Taiji at this moment, to heard these big smart creatures. I am saying to let's think about that and everyone watch the cove if you haven't already. this is reality, not just me ranting..we must spread the word that we love our world and don't want cavemen not knowing that these might be the last few "fish" ever.. ever, ass!
They are Cetacea, a form or ocean mammal, like us, only in water. I have read that their brain is still evolving, especially the orcas! There are continually less in our oceans, the numbers are too big to ignore.
Just leave them alone! Must we rape and pillage our own home? Earth is our own home!

This is Earth, as we are today as a whole planet. A living breathing organism carrying us through space. She is our mother..she needs us and we need her to survive, she is alive in that she is always churning..we should love her!
So, Yoko Ono (she's some sort of ambassador))wrote a letter to the Japanese people about how wrong this is and what is says about Japan as a nation. I liked her letter.

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