Monday, January 20, 2014

the list one of many

make one

things you want
things you don't need or still "put up with"

don't wants..
I can't think of much or I can think of some things!

The world man!
Humans, all they want to do is kill each other over their gods and gold of course! And each cycle of growth has been met with more and more advanced ways to kill other humans!
don't want!

education and knowledge for all...
You want that too? Good, lets us start thinking this together!

I want..

new very good coffee maker
new dish gloves
some new wooden cutting boards
a stainless steel work table from ikea
a new rug for the table area
How about some new clothes? I hear word that there are some linen dresses coming my way, from the 90's and never worn..
I'll look like Elaine from Seinfeld but more witchy and crone like.

1000 extra at all times
10,000 extra for monthly  earthly needs
100.000 extra for you!

It is true you know, as much as we talk about it, money changes everything.
Even laundry soap will cost like ten dollars and then you need the washer  and dryer thing..that is why poor folks are not so clean looking..

Clean clothes make the first impression..

There is a girl, who is so sweet, smart, funny, odd, nice skin and dude, she is always in these dirty clothes. yes, they are "re-cycled" and you got them at the used clothing store, but dang girl, you've been wearing that coat for three years now  and each year it looks worse..put on a brassiere for goodness sake, it is modern times!

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