Friday, January 17, 2014

agrarian thoughts and guzzles

We eat only prepared food at our house..always a pot of soup, some kind of grainy  bread and some greens now and again, nuts and seeds too..I work at an awesome gourmet store and one of my  favorite things at work right now are kettle chips, vinegar and good. it revives me the crisp potato, drenched in vinegar and salt.
I'll make pasta one or two times a month and that is about it..rice, not too much rice is best for me..
Today, Friday..I won't make a thing.
I want to make many things, but not even one black bean will I boil.
They get to me..the legumes..
speaking on diets and what is the national pass time, "dieting";
I like the paleo diet somewhat, "like how limited", I say to myself.
Stop with the processed food and feel better. If you're eating is on a militant regimen, your interest in it will be unrealistic. It makes a whole lot of sense to me to eat like an agrarian. How come we need so much direction on how and when to eat? How many Americans do you think don't know about kale or ginger...together  are among the  most powerful vitamin boosters? I do not know, it seems like many. Serve it as a side dish..Tell your baby mommas that you know to teach their kids from the beginning about ritual in food and family convos while fitting yourself in your family society and making food together. Some of us can whip up an egg sandwich in like what 6 minutes?


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