Sunday, January 19, 2014

venus retrograde in capricorn

Taurus Libra


Flirtations all over the place and somewhat not feeling the love somewhere at home..
look, everything becomes too familiar when Venus is retrograde and then, there, a smiling face, your eyes meet..
It is long as you don't drop everything and go somewhere right then..that would be creepy! lol
No, you smile and feel a little smug in a shallow sort of Venus way as you walk away. That is Venus!
I think I mentioned jealousy before.
Venus retrograde will bring up issues of our generosity towards other's happiness!
This does not apply to lovers alone, it can be a family thing or a work thing.
How willing are we to praise our peers? For some, it is harder than for others.
Plus, I  think the Capricorn theme really starts to press on  spontaneity for Venus.
She is always juicy and ready to produce, and Capricorn vibes  bring  limitation, solidification and contraction, bones, teeth, back, knees, skin a little bit and eye (left side).
" What are you refusing to see?"
This is a  question I would ask myself.

Venus in Capricorn is about our "loyalty" when things are boring and bland. It is  the only time it can proven as such.

earthly delights
finding your right spot

have a wonderful day:)

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