Saturday, January 25, 2014

the moon's in scorpio

in a sandwich between mercury and the sun..

where are you most emo right now?
and what can we do about this?
because we are a stand off almost always regarding what we want and how we go about getting that idea across.
do we cry, or sneak around coveting? 
it could happen believe it or not, Aquarius isn't realy  envious but also not  as detached as we though, hum?
I know right!
The ruler of Aquarius is Uranus and that means we may have a trickster lurking..and  with mercury lingering in this area for a  couple of times by the end of February, pay attention..yes!
If you look at the angles now as mercury goes in its set up, you will now note the areas in which some electrified, sexy, encounters must be approached with caution.
I feel like there is a strong attraction among scorpio and aquarius 
and this whole year there are a few scorpio gemini couples I've heard about:)

I'd like to study more about the  dynamic among family members and how the planets have formed around them in a place in time..
What are you trending in astrology right now?
Me, tons of aries, libras and cancers around and we all have a leo thing somwehre in our charts and only  me and the boys..the girls and I have a very strong capricornian it good or bad..the horned ones will clash!
Libra here, saying stay warm, be happy:)

I thought this was a good read from Mystic Medusa:)
saturn return
(dirty mind))

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