Saturday, January 4, 2014

Jupiter in Cancer vibes

I woke up singing Lady Gaga songs."do what you wan, you want.."
and at the same time thinking about Jupiter in Cancer, Mystic calls Cancer,  Kataka..which I still cannot relate to mostly it is because she is way further than me in everything mythical and I still say Cancer  about my July babes! Cancer, kind, sweet, right doer, forgives, retreats, will bite you nose off bitches!
Still in astrology we have abilities, each of us,  can all detect all sorts of forces beyond what anyone can conceive at any moment in time.
And Cancer makes me think loyalty, home life, good food and a good warm bed mate, someone who smells of deep rich musky babe mixed with smoke, and a deeper scent only you can smell..:)

Jupiter in Cancer teaches us to slow down, observe and not freaking over react.
Air signs do not want to fight, so we can always submit on the small stuff. I feel like the year of The Snake too, must have brought out some really sneaky and fuqing awful behaviors from some low pluto bangers. jealous, and must take it out on someone!
Do you know or have heard of these lower Pluto in crisis types? You only need one in one hundred, but man, sneaking and manipulating and then taking drugs and going on face book is no way to live, yo!
The Year Of The Snake was to me a time to be or look at people(not you) who are underhanded perhaps?
I feel it is between women more than men, just based on my experience...

. Aries..
I know more than one and since I am surrounded by Aries at work, home, my mom's, I have to say, when you need a worker and an artist at the same time, you get yourself one! :)

Leo doesn't feel like winning right now, or should I say didn't? I know now is the time to either do well or go home  and become a fat fuk somewhere disagreeing with everybody while have done nothing but sit and look at your electronics..I feel like Leo has been complaining about things mostly because they are correct but you can be right and still be too emotional..
All fire signs must be freaking out a little with all the earthly air from the sun and mercury and then pluto in capricorn.
Don't worry, everything is fine.

Someone asked me once what in some one's chart will give harsh quality, and overreacting mind?
Over critical..
Thinking that you are smarter and better than others makes you over critical! It does! Arrogance is an interesting emotion. And most human! Put Gemini in there and yes, you have someone who can slice your head off in very few words!

 Plus drugs like adavan don't help much either! People are on all sorts of shit that makes them crazy when they are not. I mean likely not! :)

Mars in Libra will show us who is willing to go a little further and pour love and passion in to their work...or, are they going to just skim on the surface of their cosmic lake without ever really looking in there, deeply in there, look at it!!!
Dang libra, it is already you! What are you so afraid of, money? Being alone?No more Yemen frankincense?
Libra, do one thing at a time and do it well, and do what you do..the frankincense comes now!
Some astrologers say this is rock star time for Libra, but Mars in Libra says, it is rock star time for everybody!
Take your desires and make them real, be a worker ready to heal, to devote your day and smile all the way and then take a rest, eat some nice food, be in calmed mind, it is snowing out there, and the universe doesn't care about concrete buildings and and individual shares..
Make something with your hands, give it  to someone as a gift, just because..
Your thoughts do have energy. how do you think trees communicate? Your thoughts have/make energy, they spark with electric current  and can but pushed  where ever you want..your brain is right now getting bigger just reading this:)

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