Friday, January 24, 2014

Saturn the father of time

not the decrepit kind, that would be the hard, Saturn Pluto aspects..but the rightfully knowing your place in time and learning to be gracious and kind. Learning, for sure! That is Saturn!
Right now things may seem hazy and cloudy like when there is still a trace of milk dried up in a cup and when you go to put cold water on it, it gets a little cloudy.
You think to yourself that is exactly what it is, milk. Alright then, we wash the cup.

Saturn pluto together capricorn/ scorpio vibes, you have grand schemes, losing battles and creativity beyond anything that you compare it to.
Look at Joni Mitchel..dude, I listened to her jazzy album and it was amazing, smooth with the depth of her words and poetry together, omg!
You get too much Scorpio with Libra and it might be good and it will be bad..
Is Libra shallow? Yes, all air signs are,  a little..swords..reflecting quick bursts of light before they cut you:)
Gemini..walk away from the mirror :)
I wonder if Maleficent was a Gemini? Angelina Jolie is a Gemini and she playing her in some movie.
Speaking of Joni and other Scorpio singers, like Niel Young, the voice..Scorpios can have a deep voice when they speak but when singing, you always know it is Scopionic! They go to a higher pitch but with a pleasant softness..:)
Capricorn Scorpio or, "oye leave me alone!"

Saturn in Scopio and Pluto in Capricorn are good together but don't expect romance, or excitement after reality sets in..that is how I see it..Scorpio may have baggage, but who doesn't..Cappy too, they should try to see the other's point of view.
The Capricorn thing is good here in many ways.."blessings" because the can really organise the baggage. It is true, if anyone can put stuff away deep in the closet,  never to be seen again, it is Capricorn.
 Scorpio needs to have it nearby so that they can remember it, feel it again the way they felt it before..
So  this may be something we are all dealing with now..we are sorting through our stuff and cleaning under the cabinets, each trinket, reflecting a memory, a piece of paper, a card that a buddist girl gave you  or smile from that.

This is the best time to try some new ideas for skin care, clean and whiten your teeth and fix your hair.
Scorpio vibes are always about looking amazing and not over weight..hardly ever!  So we all have an opportunity to look and feel leaner.

I am happy with my weight, always!
I eat well :)
I can eat a cookie if I want to, with a coffee<)

Have you ever washed your face with an oily balm? I know, it is so good!
Also, we got some new rose hip seed oil from Trilogy in at my store and it is so nice. It does not have the heavy omega smell that many oils do..funny how the better it is for you, the more it smells raw..look at raw me gusta! Still, I would rather use it as a treatment instead of a serum. Hot wet skin takes in nutrients in no time so why not take a few moments in time to nurture your sweet face!

 I  take a very hot, wet wash cloth and put it on my face, 3 minutes..then,
I take rose hydrosol and spray some in the palm of my hand. and the I put a drop rose hip seed oil in with that..I put it all over my face..
meanwhile, I take some charcoal based face cleanser mixed with manuka honey and a wee bit pluto potion, or mystic lebanon, or my favorite right now, organic lavender balm..any oily balm will do.
I make a nice loose paste, I apply that on my face and roll this all over my face and neck..
hopefully by now, you have your shower running nice and hot..wait for it...3 minutes
now take a fragrant bar of soap and get your self in the shower..
Rinse everything and then wash it all off with soap because charcoal is weird and sticks to you..This treatment is very healing and will help your skin in the long run.
After you are done, you must apply another serum  or cream on your face. I like simple jojoba and avocado oils with what ever my favorite perfumed oil I might have the pleasure of using at any moment.
The best thing is one drop rose in 10 mls of carrier..og jojoba/ baobab is wonderful..again, warm damp skin, so, when you come out of the shower,  dry everything but your face so that you just put a few drop serum  in your palm, and smooth it on gently.
Now go ahead, dry off and put on your cream or potion for your day. I like it:)
This week, I am using jojoba with a little violet and tobacco, vanilla..sandalwood
it fades into a sweet smelling me somehow.
Sandalwood is always nice.

see, we do not need much to be happy but we want it all!
Have a wonderful day.

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