Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I am in love with mark maron now and april looks big

according to Mystic Medusa, mystic medusa who does look at the angles going forward, April is going to be a big month for all.
I know this because I read everything she writes or I try..
This whole thing with Pluto and Uranus is bigger than we think..these are the changers of the type which says,  "you're gonna faking change and die" leave and you are wrecked for a minute..or for a whole lifetime for  some.
One of my boys is about to leave the nest:)
And the most basic thing to remember as I have been saying to myself all along, is do the right thing, not the thing I want to do in the heat of anger, be loyal and don't be a jerk..who are you?
I always say that to me and my kids.
Yes, you're mad things didn't go your way and I make you the most angry:) but stop and do not be a jerk.
Now what can you do at this moment to fix this?
I notice that among the 16-to 20 years olds. They are so smart and yet still don't have a clue, they will.

We all have Uranus and Pluto is one thing to know!
They are a part of us..the little one(pluto) from so far away, tugging and pulling to stay in the loop..that is Pluto for you..the farthest away and the one who sees us  from a place we hadn't considered..
That is Pluto.
Remember when Yoda told Luke, he would be scared? And for the first time that little puppet showed something other than cute wise words.
No, I do not feel like Yoda. I feel like Darth Vader some days!:)) But both are Pluto..both are wrecked physically from the ravages of time and both deep down know why..

Astrology is a bunch of math and it always leads forward, never concluding..
so, I  say look at the whole chunk of time this has been happening..It has been a good two years of preparedness, of hard work, of getting up every day and doing it again and loving every minute of it..and not loving some of it.
Let me not forget to add about the other player
Uranus in Aries is the other player here..the militant advisor to the darkness or light..
Uranus the player
King of skulduggery (look at banks and lending and all that corporate weirdness) and lover of battles!

**how interesting**
when Uranus was in Aries way back in the day in the 1920's and 30's..Mussolini and The Pope were in cohorts when DUCE came in to power..
my next book and an excellent read so far..
The Pope and Mussolini

Oh, and I want to marry Mark Maron:)
Dude, no, he is a Libra!! No Libra man for me..no..too much of the same thing leads to boredome..but now I realize why I like the guy so much..he is a whole lot like me:)

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