Thursday, January 16, 2014

goddess dammed whores and sun venus with dirty lovers and dirty remnants of bliss

yes sun venus are together..and of course pluto lurking, all of then  in capricorn..I think it is time to shine and you would  er, will be surprised when you do a frikin great job at every corner and every turn today.
yes, life is hard and sometimes a struggle..I find January kind of weird, always, and you know every year we get better, we change or we get in a rut..some even carry on in anger for do you thinks jerks are made?
It happens when you have a thief maybe in your realm..a sneaky selfish perhaps could be an illness, with chiron and uranus. The cold and flu season is here after all

card of the day
seven of swords
Swords are knowledge, information, the mind, the higher mind, and the one after that..they also watch your words..

This card reminds me that we leave something of ourselves behind in  everything we say and  touch.
As we consider what is happening in this card, we might even think that this young man is at work, serving a greater cause.. is he collecting knoledge while leaving some knowledge behind him? He seems to be far away from the group and has set a boundry for himself with very precise intentions.
Is sometimes, honesty too much and  is it sometimes, better to not speak rather than proclain all day about who you are and what you believe, meanwhile you're wasting your've already lost two swords..they were not yours already...

You know what is not have your head in the sand just because you do not want to deal with the truth..
I say that to myself all the time..I am very smart you know and I can, deal with it just fine:) Saturn is in a good place in scorpio..finally! And, this will help the edges of discontent regarding mars and venus in a rather dynamic could lead to tension
Gemin, is doing great
libra too, with saturn in the house of money..a treasure may be waiting for you just around the corner..aries, I know having it your way is the only way,, unless of course there are other ways to be not overlook, the wondrous beauty of your life right now..
work on contentment, leo too..right here, right now..grrr
sag, sideways glance, you and me, our eyes meet..your are smart and thank you..
and, you, cancer boy.. long haired  cancer man with the funny gap teeth and long hair like a rock star, I just like looking at you so much!

There is one more thing I saw today..
Mars Jupiter square..libra/cancer
for me it means constant cleaning, folding, picking up, yesterday I became a little bored I reckon, I mean how many questions can I answer about collagen..
you want collagen? make a stock, for goddess sake!, get some grass fed bones and roast them and then  boil them with, it is more honest for your body, plus, untold numbers of minerals and fatty acids..
serve this broth with noodles and garnish with lime, cilantro (for liver) and green is so good.

Oh, you do not cook..fine buy the collagen, but at least know why you even want to consume it for 30 days.

Collagen is a protein made in the body which protects the heart, the bones and pretty much holds your skin up..

focus on the foods you eat
the words you say
and your thoughts about doing well and you, right now  basking in divine glory...:)

vietnamese "pho"

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