Sunday, January 5, 2014



Did you go out yesterday and everyone else was out too?
I couldn't find a parking spot at Zerbos and then I went to the local hardware store and no parking and then I go to work and it is like a traffic jam like New York or something in the parking lot. people honking their horns!
The Snow! On a Sunday!
That is why they were out and mostly, they were very happy! Except hat sour woman at Zerbos! They have all sorts of botanicals  and salts I like to is nice, they carry Mountain Rose herbs and spices. She should be kind to me..Pink Salt is my favorite thing!
I ran out of vetiver so I asked her if she had a certain brand since she carries a few of their other oils, I thought there was a chance..
She acted like it was stupid of me that I even asked such a thing, she scoffed even!:) I wonder why she is so sour? It makes her look like a troll..haha:)
I forced her to pay attention to me by making her review her stock, which I could only glance at from the front the make up desk..
"ok, thank you:)"
My friend at work says I can be frightening with my gaze, it must be Pluto in my first house!
Some of the most intriguing people have Pluto in the first..Dali Lama, Stephen King..
Pluto in the first is very secretive in her life and her doings. she is sleek and stylin'..All the Scorpio stuff should be noted!
Dark Lord my ass..Pluto has to be somewhere, yo!

Sunday, Snow, at home, no driving in three inches, trying not  to get in an accident! We are expecting like tons of  snow they say..I expect that they will also make it a snow day all of next week here, so I have jobs for everyone!
my lovelies, I am home for the next four days!
There is food enough and I won't leave this cave save for mailing things.

One Aussie scientist even thinks we might be in a mini mini ice age based on el nino trends in the last 200 years..I feel like it is is going to snow big here in nice!
Make sure you have an extra blanket in your car and extra sweaters too!
Gloves..when it is 1 out there, your hands freeze fast..

"yur hands are shakin so hard, george" being human

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