Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Babies and snow

Winter babies being born, yes!!
They are around here and most are women!
I am excited because these are ladies I will see grow up because their mommas and pappas love me and will stay in contact..
they grow up so fast..one day you are holding them and keeping them warm and safe and the next thing you know they are matching their outfits and shoes and being women!
The boys are sweet too. I have now seen many of them that touch my heart deeply, just grow up before my eyes..

I hope you are staying in if you live anywhere in the north east..it is bitingly cold out there with mountains of snow, now all frozen..I wonder if you can walk on it..I do think I will invest in a pair of snow shoes..I also thought of making a spiral maze in the snow, but, it is too too cold for anything like that..now..I am bundled up  and my heater is running full speed is all I can say about that.
How fortunate that I should have this time off and not fight the ice too much out there. I need to go do some errands but I will wait untill it is 3 degrees ot there before I leave..yes, I said 3*!
It is cold!

Soap needs made:
vetiver nutmeg bergamot (yumm)
clove soap

Lets us talk about that nutmeg and how it is so nice with smokey vetiver!
Have a wonderful day:)

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