Sunday, January 26, 2014


I watched a thing on it. he is worth like 12  billion dollars, or his business is..I am sure he goes home to a nice place with that kind of dough. :)
 What else is there, travel? No thanks!
His business is worth 12 billion dollars and it is a simple idea.  His dad helped him start the business by lending him, $80.000.00 dollars and people lined up.
So I watched it and I studied this fellow. A rather nerdy, smallish man.. consumed with details..I am right, I thought, he must be a Virgo! Yup! No, not all virgos are small, but they do have something that is delicate, like maybe their hands of sof t feet..
Frikin' Virgos! I love them!To me that is sexy all day!
So, anyhow, he found a theme, (southwestern, easy, fast)
made up his spices ( nice)
and  makes good simple food, every time and every time the same way.
I have had Chipotle. Sustanable and all that..
There is  a rather perfect ballance of smoke and spice in the green salsa. His corn salad is perfection!
To me, grilled corn, it makes a burrito!

The perfect burrito has been a part of my life ever since I started going to Seva in Ann Arbor in 1976 with Nck. Seva had the  biggest over stuffed burrito for like 6.00 you go there and they give you a little scoop of something for 30.00! :)

Nick had just come back from Seatle where he ran a sandwhich shop and failed with his brother, Stratis!
Another cute he was, all brooding he was, and that dog he had with him..he dropped it off at me and Nick's place and left him. I had him till he was taken by someone who could love him more than we could. Nick hated that dog! He would run off constantly and Nick wiould have to go look for him, all the Americans freeking out about the big ass dog on the streets..Everyone had dogs in the yard then..nowadays, they need a leash and they need to be contained and quiet.
Yogi was a  big Alakan Huskey, all white. he was too much for me, dude, he would jump the fence like a horse..

It is the year of the horse:)2014 the year of the horse:)
Seems like a really good thing.

sorry about my spelling today..the google things didn't work..she says sheepsishly:)

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