Sunday, January 12, 2014

sun venus pluto in capricorn

mostly its sun venus
good food
skills beyond ego
ego beyond the skills for some
work but good must..
burdens as in families growing apart..(well, the little goats have to go their own way)
warm home
some jealous person

venus anywhere is nice though..the archtype, not the planet. the planet is hot, molten rock and sulfur gas like our air but red and made of sulfur, hot iron particles everywhere, heavy gas form
That we know about venus and her air is something to me because not a thousand years ago, humans thought the world was flat..when jesus was here, they thought the world was we can detect colors in minerals and name them pretty names..there are som many that we use both letters and numbers to name them.. far away from earth.
anyhow.. venus..and astrology..
we have given this rotation of this sphere from our point of view, meaning..we have made it mythology..and I like astrology..I love our star, hey, maybe it is our god..this perfect giver of life!
We are who we create, perhaps we are gods, we are part of the heavens after all!
So if venus is in capricorn all slowing down and stuff, we are too..We are cleaning, getting organized, being fresh, being matronly and resting our weary bones some days..
I don't know about you, I work my ass off all day man!
That is me..a Capricorn Moon girl..It has always been that way. Venus retrograde in capricorn, makes me quite calm and realistic.
When I was 20, I ran, did martial arts, rode my bike, climbed a mountain, and I turned around..
Some of my best things are with capricorn types usually mixed with scorpio..
with pluto involved in the trio at theis moment, not that close but still, the dark underlying factor that there is that one thing...what you really want, the thing..the thing you must have right now..give it, I guess! I mean you attract who you are mostly, you know that.

This powerful "grown up" force can rub some the wrong way..I think Leo types..may be (some ok, some) kind of downers..always complaining about this and that.
Look, there is no perfect living arrangement at this moment for leonean types. They have been a little too critical perhaps leaning towards, hate..sooner or later, leo, you must show what you have achieved with regards to loyalty in your tribe of friends.
You may have just found out who really is the way of growing up.
We want too much fun and it becomes a habit and then the non fun becomes a habit!

And they say astrology doesn't work!
And how cool was that name thing..kabalarian philosophy?
One of the things it said about "anastasia", is  that I am not artistic..I am not really at all, I can draw hearts, that is it:)
but my ideas..omg..they won't stop, there are so many, and I smile all the time about it.."Ana" more art, tasoula, (my momma calls me that)), more art.
maybe everyone of those together bring  boons, my dears boons.

Why not take these energies and make a treat, I like this! I shall!

I am so excited! Should I see if I want to make a  rose cream with chamomile, the blue one for skin?
That sounds so nice to me right now.
I am using a vetiver charcoal rose soap at the moment, I love it.
It is a keeper on the menu from now on.
It is simple, smells nice and makes your face feel nice, clean.
I like activated charcoal so much. Next, black jasmine soap, with charcoal and frankincense?
see? The ideas do not stop...

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