Tuesday, April 29, 2014

good morning

I love you and thank you my soapies!
I love making soap and I love talking about it. I love all the oils and I love my frankincense pleasures in so many forms, all of them really.
It allows my mars in Gemini to be directed with fiery force. I am still getting more beautiful inside
I can only imagine what I will create next..because my intentions now are rare indeed..
competing with no one and allowing creative, penetrating forces to carry me to riches and success..
my success, a beautiful garden with an array of oils past and present and beautiful people to share that with and allow the real magic to take hold of space like a velvety carpet ride but with TARDIS abilities!
We are special. I have said this before but now I am saying it again. Pure essential oils can change your life, alter your brain's chemistry to create  nuro transmitters to accommodate your new awareness..
Your focus on now..never to hurry but always to work with grace and clarity of your ..as far as you can see place...
I woke up thinking how amazing we all are! I mean I think you love the same oils because you say such nice things to me:)))
Have a wonderful  day!

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