Friday, April 4, 2014

tid bits

Did you ever wonder about your brain and all the stuff going on at this moment in your head?
I do every day since I started my new book incognito, the secrets of the brain and us, what we are and what we do and  why, we're so emotionally and electrically fired up..we humans are.
Mars retro my sweeties, just think of it like rapids on a wide river and either way you either get through it in rough parts or some might just loose control and collapse or worse, take the lower parts which lengthen the journey!
Be good to yourself would you? Do one thing at a time and try not to get burned. Calm down, be humble. This is the time to be humble..I promise, I am right:)
Anyhow one thing that keeps coming up.
This electrical neuro charged little three pound brain of ours  has as many neuro connections as there are stars in the universe! Isn't that wild?
That there is big news right!
 I am so excited about us and what we are. I have learned this so far,
we are not alone and  things are so far apart that it would take billions of dollars and years, to reach other worlds..that is really good...  that is why we have probes out there like Voyager and took them a long time but they  got out there and took pictures and we saw, water volcanos spewing out of this little moon and another with lava and methane rain. We  have an idea that there is a huge ocean under the ice on Encelidus, one of Saturn's moons.
 There is  salt in that water and perhaps other forms of life alien to ours.
I am really excited because think how lucky we are that we know all this and how we shouldn't even think of getting any of that water and bringing it back here.
It is nice to know what is out there, and that we are not alone  at least it made us aware of our own mythology and what our brains think about and how it becomes real, the step by step way we've evolved until now.
But what I am so "scientifically" learning is that, we do create our reality. each time we think something, it becomes easier to think it..and then its automatic and then your made physical steps toward  it and then you one day realize you have what you want and it all starts with a thought and all this is  electrically lit up all the time..(((the brain needs rest too which is why we sleep (my own opinion)))

I am thinking about you being happy and healthy and well fed. There is nothing better than luxurious food in your belly..I love you:)

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