Thursday, April 24, 2014

I won't even look at the planets

And I will tell you that you're really doing great and hiving fun and getting it in.being attentding in your work and focused in your mind!
If you think people's snide remarks go unnoticed, you're wrong. But you, you keep walking, sayingless and doing more..

Mars is about to go forward, Saturn is in its last few degrees in Scorpio, frikin Uranus is in Aries opposite of what it was 80 years ago squaring Pluto way our there..our little quiet helper our little bridge to the outside and the inside..both so vast in time and space that the numbers are symbols of bigger numbers!
Things are changing on our planet, like it or not. We know more, we are really smart to even compare us to 30 years ago..I never had an I Phone 30 years ago! We called each other on the kitchen phone.
We used to walk on each others porches 40 years ago and holler.."Joanie!"
Imagine 80 years from now and what memories you've made when someone you've made) gets to see it all in a Uranus cycle..80,  give and take ok..look at the ephemeris if details on dates are important.. I find that astrological cycles are in cluster of time and not simply daily events that take place in our lives..humans need routine...Uranus hates it so much that he becomes more militant about not having it..or being eccentric in his militant ways..I have mentioned in politics at the beginning of the 1900th century, the wars and the fighting with each other about who owns what when  there were people already here! Their ancestors having walked here over an icy bridge, I wonder if they were like, "wtf?"
"We are going to have to fight them. How many can there be?"
*80 years ago, there were a few men who ruled the world, women didn't work, they washed clothing by hand everyday by the river and if you have a secret fantasy about that, let me tell you when a girl is hunched over from youth over a rock she looses her luster quickly in time!

Let us now rejoice for our washers and indoor sinks and electricity and our great scientists who gave it to us..thank you Tesla!

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