Friday, April 4, 2014

neroli sunrise supreme

remember when I told you my friend Nick is coming over and making soap? Well, I decided to not make the old whore and focus on something special for all of us. Plus, that blend is so intimate and deep, I need to be completely alone when creating..yes, she is that special!
So I made some of my basics, like lemongrass patchouli (which I have grown to enjoy)
and this neroli little piece of art here.
One of the things people do not realize is the immense volume of oils one needs to make soap. they think it is a few drops like you see the sweet bottles  at the store with lavender oil or sweet orange.. I think all in all, for 10 bars of soap we used 11/2 cups total of citrus and others!
That is why most soap makers turn to synthetics! They are cheap, always the same, you do not need as much and your profits are greater..
fak always the same! I will focus on providing more in use for any one of  my products  and promise this by helping the life of our world one transaction at a time.
I think it is important to make and do what you are..what are you? 

"I am submerged in eternal light" 

When making citrus soap, the numbers increase. Otherwise you have no scent because citrus evaporates really fast. All you have left is the light scent with the smell of the oils you made the soap with. I love olive oil, I do, but I want something more to linger on me after a bath!
Also, you can take that palm oil and toss it to  friking tim buk tu! "I use it for hardness'
hey man, the only thing that should be hard is a penis..everything else can bend and "smooch" a little, yes?
My beloved friend taught me to say risque things, because she is a dirty little Capricorn with a sweet smelling mind!

I hope you have a wonderful day, please forgive me if I've hurt your feelings in any way.

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