Tuesday, April 22, 2014

the birds are singing and it is raining like spring time

they begin around 5:00 am here..maybe 5:20 is a time when I can really hear them and say "hello"

I hope you have a nice day and that you think about things. Don't be a dick..a lot of people become dicks when they think they can.some do..that is why the place I work is so good. There are rules see? And if people don't love you enough, we do not have happy workers..we are like the bees except people and men are in charge..some women but mostly men.
They are all nice save for a few top wigs who never speak to me..which is good..I do not know what to say, I get all twisted.
I say things..
I seem to not have a good filter when I get nervous..I do not cus out loud or anything,  but I feel like all Librans have some quirk like that..we're an odd sort..like the best friend you never have sex with:) or the one who listens to your plights with you..really takes it and thinks with you..that is the Libra way. The Anastasia way goes a step further..
I am the friend you'll keep, yo! The unconditional kind, not the creeper who expects things..ha ha ha!
I know I know, astrology and myth..I am am trying to figure that all out out but the more I learn about the universe and what we are, the more I feel that it is better to look at my place in this vast ocean. We all should do that together and be free from restraints of how much a divine being loves us..we made him..we  love ourselves, it is easy!

All I know is that we are alone in ourselves in our head!! And the best way is to make a nice inside your head..make it clear and bright and not a bunch of clothing everywhere over other things you do not need scattered around..
We store things like that inside and out. It is nice to check yourself once in a while and then get on with it..that is also the Libra way..
Oh, don't worry, I never forget my Mercury in Scorpio won't let me. I want to... some things you love the pain from. The kind that tears at you like a flash of light, a sword and you are like , "oh, yea, give it!"
It lasts but a fraction of  a second in real time what ever that is! You then remember something else better..you have to. It is time to work my babies..time to get it done and be the woman or man, be the creative force that drives goodness, that makes things happen, that is always in charge of what is real and what is now! Work hard and it is all good because you have so much to smile about, don't you now?
Remember about Mars in Libra going direct soon..I think it is going to be a nice push and organization "now"is the key! Get your future life in order right now is the message!

I love you..have a wonderful day!

I have been burning wood and leaves for a couple of days now
I walked around the fire the first day and evoked a circle
the second day I burned the wreaths I  had made last summer with the lavender and yarrow
The were glorious smoke the neighborhood
the leaves made a nice fire. the ashes, broken down material
remixed with more dirt,
to make new things happen for a short glorious colorful time and that is "us" in our memories...in the bigger scheme of things.

Ok, now I hope you have a wonderous day!

Soap to be made today
Moss On Neptune
Clorella Salty something really good.
I am thinking of labdanum oakmoss and templin fir cone..weird and good..a drop spikenard maybe!
Of course I'll take photos!

Here were some soaps that went out this week!
Thank you so much!

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