Sunday, April 13, 2014

shea butter smoothies

shea butter smoothie with lycopene

they are so good

I like a nice oily balm after my shower, why do you think my skin looks so good at my age?
We olive skinned  gals are lucky in that respect.
More likely, it is the fact that I have been using oils since girlhood!
That was a long time ago..and here we are now.
I have many friends now from another era, when all this stuff was new. the soap making, the balms, the rose..
I have been reminded,  when we would use gallons of rose water, white rose water..
(maybe in 10 years, I will have grown enough white roses to make it again)

bergamot frankincense smoothie with super seed oils
Right now my new obsession is, super seed oils and  has me making a new smoothie buttery type things.
We are talking only hydrating oils and no fillers. Not perfume really, I mean I had to add a scent. Still, the individual seed oils themselves, have a beautiful scent all on there own. It is a beautiful element to skin care!
So nutty and I can detect now some differences is the fatty acid smells. Like omegas. I can detect a sort of animal scent in them. They are so important in our body's defense against inflammation and pain.
 Another interesting aspect of seed oils, like watermelon seed or tomato seed oils is that they all have an ability  as a natural SPF! Take the tomato seed oil, rich in cartenoids or the raspberry seed oil, rich in anthocyanadins (spell that)..also naturally rich in spf potential..I have heard that it is around 15-30, but do not quote me on that. You do not need to be laying out in the sun anymore..ten, fifteen minutes, yes, hours, no!

It isn't finished yet.
There must be something else..
Like maybe just mandarin in a butter for summer?

Mandarin has its own vive! (I love it every once in two years or so and then I put it away:)
I  made a lovely  one with neroli/patchouli/sandalwood and one with frankincense/ bergamot.
I find that mandarin as a citrus top note,  that is very un-citrus.

I used to have a  mandarin tree in Costa Rica when we lived on the farm with Jerry who loved our family and later after I left for home, Jerry almost killed his crack head brother because Jerry wanted control over the farm and profits for some business venture..I am glad I wasn't there for that violence. Jerry had to come back here in the states to drive a truck even though he is a pilot, he drove a truck because he could live in the truck at the same time. He had a finger missing which he never told the truth of how it went missing. Something dumb, I am sure! There is never a good reason to loose a digit, I suppose!
 I loved that guy, he was always good to us, I hope he is ok down there as he left to go back because he married a woman there a few years ago..she was a hot Costa Rica woman who seemed to really adore him..she came with him to live in the truck and see the US and it wasn't three month in, she up and went back to her own bed and comfort and warm sunshine.
 Who would blame her?

The moisture in the tropics keeps your skin really hydrated, so no one really needs much , your skin is always plump with hydro air.
The price?
Yea, there is a price..but on that farm we enjoyed bananas and "manderinas". They start out green and as they turn, you feast on them. Their skins would just snap open in your hand and  you'd devour them for a week or so, maybe two..wouldn't ya?
This is the time for  the mangos! They are wild and everywhere on the Pacific side. Those little yellow ones we now pay one dollar for, here at our market, they fall out of the trees for weeks there and you just pick them up and eat them, make juice and eat them some more.
There were wee chili trees all over the place. You couldn't even touch one of them things! Of course you pick them and pickle them! Delish! Anything to make black beans taste more interesting:())

Listen, there is always a price and the only way we should live dangerously, is through constant evaluation of our mind's eye and if we live here in the north, we should apply oils and hydrosols on our skin and sing  a song, something I can sing along with you:)

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