Tuesday, April 15, 2014

the lunar week and all the stuff exposed during

There is a condition, that is like sex when you talk about religion, weather it is due to you like or dislike, the feelings may be the same.

From what we know of the brain through our studies as humans, we know that there is a "pre" thought before we act..right?
Well, this goes so much deeper that it is scary! Take a pencil and put it in your mouth through your teeth sideways with the point pointing left. Now, take the same pencil and put the eraser side through your teeth with the point directly in front of you.
You may see where i am getting at. Smiling makes this funnier!
When you have the pencil sideways it automatically makes you smile while the pursed lips around the eraser makes you scowl..
Take this a step further and look at any sort of pictures and see what comes up in your head..The results of experiments like this show that we are continually effected by what we say, look at, and how we hold our faces up..all  that skin just hanging on bones and ligaments..I am smiling:)
Try it. go look at a cartoon with the pencil sideways and see how much funnier the cartoon is than the one where your pencil is pointing out with your face pursed up in a scowl.
simmah down now, simmah down!
But do you see that it is funnier when hold the pencil sideways and not that funny when pointing? An act of your mind without you planning to do it? Or, are you planning as you go?

What I want to say to you really is that I am passionate about the truth overall..and easter should be what you make it. Spring, trees blooming,  rebirth of flowers and new fruit after a long winter of coldness and rarely tasty tomatoes and what you've already made it. I cannot tell you how many grown men I've seen on the roads dressed in bunny suits and holding an easter special..the eggs, from another race of people who worship the natural order of the world, pagans, now delegated to a malefic sect of an entity they (the Romans) themselves had and still have,  created! It was the Roman way to control the people they had conquered, I think and Paul creating a unified religion for all the people. I think during a time when you are being overthrown there is more zealotry and mystic hocus pocus..men do not rise from the dead after being dead for three days. I just cannot happen. In fact all the magic in the world wouldn't make it so. The body deteriorates after a few minutes!
He may have been in a coma, Jesus, and able to in three days walk away..I think that these visions may have been visions for sure. I have them all the time in my mind..dude! Be real. I dream of things, like horses and beautiful me on one riding and being free. I have visions of my next thing whatever it may be. I plant seeds along the way so that you feel good and free just to sitting near me
because I accept you right now right here
and you accept me
even as I say shocking weird and crazy things
you are here smiling as if that pencil is always sideways not pointing..

I love you
I do what I want

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