Wednesday, April 30, 2014

contradictions in happiness

one or the other

one of the things I love about the art of astrology is the ability to have honed on the mythology of "us" and my intuition pumps..those two combined and of course my northern Greek upbringing..a Macedonian way of life across both borders, the customs of my "people" and how basically we were all farmers! Somehow by the 1900's they all thought they were Arians or some dumb idea someone on a throne thought of..
They argue about who owns Alexander, keep Alexander, he burned down the ancient library, that fak, lets make this place work now!
 I learned two languages as a child, Greek, and  ancient Macedonian,  Slavic dialect is slowly dying. English is the one to know all over earth!
someone's house from my village

I work  with a guy from that region. He is sweet to me because I am wonderful to work with and I understand every word he speaks in Macedonian, the other boys at  work, are like, "that guy is crazy!"
He  ruined lunch for the Gemini boy with the Scorpio Moon one day speaking about politics and his idea of the wars today....His race of people is just now showing their hard work, speaking Greek, Macedonian and English..some even speak Albanian too.
My great, grand parents actually had to learn Greek. That whole region was so secluded each little village had its own thing, but they knew enough to get marriages from other towns around the bend. My Yia Yia on my dads side comes from a family from the adjoining village, a priest's daughter she was..  They say evolution isn't real! It is real alright, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this off of a device of some sort..I wonder what those books, so many, would have shown us?
Good thing he couldn't destroy everything because we have bones and we have knowledge of the color how calcium radiates blue accross the whole universe and that everything, is light..sparkling, fervent, sparkling with life..

There are some things we should always treasure about the past, like the way our mommas raised us and the way life was simple..There are many things about ourselves we should re think..
Fighting and spreading violence on earth is not the way..especially if you think you are doing it for god..he doesn't care, your momma does..she suffers your agony, your pain and she loves and adores you when you are grand, showing your best work yet..look inside your deepest parts and see what you really are, what you really want...there is enough for you and everyone else..some how, some way, your hearts disire is brought to you, always..warring to win, is not the way for us...all winning is the way for us!
Lying about how things are so you  can feel better in your
look the other way from all of that., Love your body and your ass, who cares about some fake add!
Be real with god inside your mind
The one who you are without saying a word.
The one that knows your true intentions before you do.
the one you answer to..
everything you do now is because you made it with your thoughts. Every thought is real enough for you to construct with your hands something wonderful, and with heart, sharing something wonderful, something which makes people you live with, work with..very happy...

How did it take us until the 1980's to stop using lead in everything?
The Romans famous aqua duct system was made of lead, they slowly poisoned everyone, each other,  knowing early on that it was the worst thing! They didn't care, a little bit is not bad..they would justify things like that I am sure!

Lets us decide what kind of world we want.  One based on honesty and true respect for each other with the ever wondrous knowledge and goodness always coming our way..right now its is already here:) Future man will likely look at us like cave men, using decade plant material as our fuel ,just like "we" look at lead now..

ok ok..I must get some chores done, the seed planting has begun..have a great day, say you are sorry if you have to but do not be one  who overlooks the truth and skims due to laziness and sloth....
be the one who radiates success and riches..

Scorpio in any one's chart shows me a person with eyes so deep and understanding so rare of the finest things.
That is why I even mentioned the Gemini with the Scorpio Moon. Ya'll  have calm elegance, I like that!
Now, to make some shea butter goodie to brighten my day and yours..


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