Friday, April 11, 2014

mars setbacks are really still just going forward

Mars goes retrograde and the world is still turning. Don't look at the news for one day and see how much better you might feel and how you are tending to your own needs anyhow.
You cannot change the world and no matter how special you are, it will still turn when you are gone..
It'll turn out, all you are is a memory, a thought, an intent of a higher realm not yet understood by you is like you know, but you do not know..I know, I know you know that I know sort of thing.
We are consciousness that is still evolving over billions of years..also that..did you know that if you are traveling at the speed of light, time then stops for you? What does that mean??

So just because mars is retrograde and making us tired, doesn't mean we are going to get mad and, we are going to be happy and content with ourselves first. Don't forget also that the full moon is  a commin' and that  is what is most in the lure. Only do your best and be respectful..most importantly, be accountable to yourself first, always mindful, always present...perfection in my mind!
If you need quiet meditation, you will make time for that, if you need to find a kind friend or lover, you will attract one. It is all begun in a thought. I am so happy with the one's I've got!

(there is a whole section in the book, Incognito, on how the mind has zombie systems that you, your will,  are not a part of..zombies are real, I tell ya!!)))

Secure your mental and physical fences, I say, because keeping your boundaries safe is what is best..this means time alone doing something for you. Not sex, and not reading a book with a friend and then chatting it up, later. I am right now watching being human uk. I lost interest after season three, when Mitchel died, he was amazing!
What is it with vampires having to hide their past evil deeds? ha ha ha
Even in mythology we created monsters to scare ourselves with! I wouldn't want to go against a kraken or zombies but it is worthy of thought to consider that a  modified drug in the food chain keeps the masses in line so much so that the bacteria they started with, would mutate and infect people's brain. Lol but not!

 I said no news!

The Kraken
a soap with seaweed absolute and a fresh breezy scent of the sea and salty citrus..yum
Now, that sounds good! I'll be a good day:)


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