Monday, April 21, 2014

looking into the furure now saturn notes

Saturn in Scorpio was rough for some, Leo's, Aquarians.
Aries, having to grow up fast now, or Gemini taking on the world!
I have planets in Scorpio and I must say, my dearest friends have one or two Scorpio planets here and there. I find that we attract who are are so I must be in high company. You would think that Scorpio vibes in a person would make them competitive, no, they are not! That is the way Scorpio succeeds in everything, by simply  always observing what is best and mostly staying too! Staying down and thinking more. Standing  back and understanding every one's needs, mostly his own. That is good you know. You live for others and you may be wasting a whole lot of years just based on the idea that sacrifice is better because of Jesus..or some other supernatural being you have to thank and praise so that he will help you if you beg and praise him enough..maybe it is about something else anyway..maybe I should simmah down?? Nah...
( I told you, I say things))
Maybe all this mythology does mean something and you become who you praise?
 Have I just had and Epihany?

But the bottom line is Saturn enters Sagiatrius soon, we should think about all the new ideas we've had brewing in our minds.. I know I am  brimming! Mercury in Scorpio in my chart has always made me more critical of myself than of others.I feel like I  am  enjoying praising others and praising myself at the same time..maybe that is the real  message of god in all languages..that the smiles for each other only bring goodness..and that means relying on your intuition and your real intentions..

I am so happy about this Spring! Enough seeds and enough time..time to think and create
time to forgive and love myself, you, ideas flowing, my heart glowing
enough food for all
brimming with laughter or a good story
our homes always inviting the best things
an open door to receiving more and more easily and effortlessly
enough for everyone..
me, making anything I want
which I do
you sending me notes about your day and how you like a certain oil or soap that  I made..

hah hahaaa, sorry, I do go one in the morn!

I love great skin care! That makes me happy. I nice bath with a little salt soap and a glorious scrub on my face..that is nice..

My products are wonderful to me and I hope you use them every day..maybe my things are your good habit..your love of your skin?
Here is a great recipe for a wash on the face..

1/4 cup good fruity olive oil
1 tablespoon manuka honey
1 tablespoon ground quinoa (I love the smell)
1/2 teaspoon Celtic salt
1 tablespoon tomato seed oil ( because I have some and it is a great anti oxidant providing valued SPF naturally)

in a blender or better yet, vitamix
grind the quinoa well and add the other ingredients..
store in a container which you will keep from direct heat..and, because you would not add preservatives of any kind, use it in about a month..
shake well before you my house it stays frothy the whole time but because of temps at your place you may have some sepparation..
you can add one  lavender or rose otto if you want to..

I will make some today for everyone and it will be my little
Rose Lavender Spring Skin Care Treatment

It'll be a wash, an oil and a soap
How's 20.00 for the whole thing?
I want to make it fair and avalable all the time. I will use a super seed mix I  have been brewing up along with the quinoa in mine..

I found a nice paper which can absorb any oil that might leak on the outside and still look good!
check it out.

Look how nice it still is, even though I have been pouring out if it for a couple of  weeks now, and as we all know, there are ineviatble leaks on the bottles and jars..I am thinking up some good stuff, so many good, gud stuffs!
have a wonderful week!

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