Saturday, April 5, 2014

the endings are not ending

I think aquarius, taurus, scorpio, should all take a step back and not say a word..will you? Not say a word?
If you do this nothing too aweful will happen to you. If you freak out because something has hurt you to your core, then you risk the damage of becoming the dark thing you hate so much.Here we are at some very important star cycles in the heavens.
I am looking at some heavy planetary shake ups..Pluto, Uranus Mars
you can already tell the earth is quivering and being rumbled because of the magnetic forces..war is war, between brothers and between countries.
Look Gemini, you are mad, I get it, lighten can't say everything you want because you are so cute.
Things do get real and life goes on forgive and let it go. besides, it isn't you, really.

These emotional moments are perfect opportunities for all of us  to manifest nobility and grace, but do we?
Yes or no, do we want the last word so  we may resort to words that hurt and things said on facebook?
You hit too low and people get really pissed.
I read somewhere that you should wait six hours before responding to a wrong.Do not say a word for six hours. Do not tweet or remark on the social networks..
The idea is that reacting is futile when the damge is already done..
 It is either we are ready for battle or standing down. I am standing down as a Libran..even though last week I blurted a couple of remarks about some dumb and is my way to say what is on my mind..

retail is where the masses will flock to brings money for goods.. things get intense.

"I drove all this way!"
"I am so sorry, you should have called, I would have been happy to explain the reasons why your product isn't here..yes, "maam, is there something we can adjust so that you can have what you want today?"
"No I want that B6 and  that is what I want." Here is our number, please call and i will call you as soon as your thing arrives. that the real scenario..
here are some others I may have thought but never acted upon..

"do you know anything about this stuff?"
Yes,  I know about all this stuff! Ask me and don't ask about acai or mangostien juice and don't get mad because there are no white mulberries..They are out of season, ok. eat some other dumb thing which will not do a damm thing to your belly unless you get off your ass and work out..
Blueberry powder, sweet potato powder in your smoothie, ewe!

I am so glad that I have been active all my life..because carrying all that extra weight around hurts everything when I have been over.  I do  get over my ideal weight  in winter a is ok, I still  feel strong but my knees kill when I am  too much over and I love being as active as I think I am in my brain. movement is a beautiful thing!

"where is the salad dressing"
"oye, just a walk a few paces, you are already in here and it is the same set up as any grocery, the milk is in the back or any perimeter wall all over the US!"

"do you have N E E M?"
 "hey man, why are spelling?" i always forgive them for that, but it is funny.
They need to spell it because it is an odd word, they have just heard about it.
I would never use neem oil directly unless you use it  outside on the is a smelly one.

Taurus, is needing some tender lovin and thy also need to move on, Why have tenor and be sad and lonely babe.
Get out and see some sunshine. You are dragging your health to the ground clinging to this thing which you hold so dear.
I am saying be free and doors will open for you.
You are an artist and have flair. Something good is going to happen. Today!

My Virgo, sweet, rough, honest, sexy beast! I know your clear vision is really clearer to you now. Let go of what could have beens and be the superb person you have always been. You must be free from the slavery of social bindings and your minds rigid dogma..
with reverence yes, fear, no!

(there is a guy at work, he is my age and been eyeing me like what is she all about, he said yesterday, he is going to convert me to Catholicism..the only way to god)
bring it..and this should be interesting..I wonder if he is a Virgo? he is smart and sad at the same time but so catholic..
"do you believe that Jesus resurrected?"
"Uh, no, what was he then a zombie?"
he didn't even flinch..but I could tell he was thinking of stuff to argue with me about.
"look", I said, "that stuff was thought up when they thought the earth was the center of the universe and flat,
Alexander had conquered that region a few hundred years earlier and brought the Persian Mythra myths with him. that is how history works. it is not metaphysical and Mary was not a virgin..
he said to me, he said, " yes she was, because the birth was a flash of light came out of her"
"that is utterly ridiculous"
"So now Jesus is a metaphysical superman?"

I do not understand everything but I will alway voice my ideas, they flow..
I love you
it is nothing personal when I write..things just come out. please forgive me if I've hurt your feelings!


  1. oooh, taurus here. maybe i shoulda read this saturday instead of now. ''-)
    but things are smooth now. that 6 hour idea is interesting. love your thoughts with customers!

  2. Thank you..ah retail..I am the chosen retail goddess..
    I am also glad you are ok.