Monday, April 14, 2014

howling at the moon

I woke up with the wind howling and the Moon shining on me  in my bed though the curtains. I tried to go back to wonder sleep bliss and , it wasn't going to happen. So I got up went out side barefooted and smile at the moon again and thought about this magnetic power which has my blood easily coursing through my body and making me excited to be me! I  cleaned my work space well and thought about what I want to focus on on this very intense Full Moon conjunct Mars retrograde.
 I will pack orders, each one to be reviewed so I do not make mistakes and I will enjoy this well deserved three days off and plan out my plan, see.. by rounding up the dead stuff, composting that and then planting onions...maybe we will see. First things first..nurture my business, nurture my home and family and nurture myself the whole time!

 I love this place, so warm and comfy it is and this year the explosion of flowers will be spectacular! I want to go out there right now and start digging.
My duties are to brighten the place up and fix things up around here of course but mostly, it still means slow down, take a step back, see where I'm  at at the moment, say I am sorry if I have to,  and then only go forward..

You are only moving forward and since we are going that way anyhow it is about being grateful for who we are now and  for what we've done that counts.I cannot explain why but it seems to be a key to success and real happiness!

You may have become so entrenched into your work, your home or something else, that you have forgotten some details about your own misdeeds or your basic needs as a human.
Or you are wasting time not learning by feeling bad about what isn't happening at the moment.
Pain and anguish only get you so far my friends. You had better open your eyes and see what is and  not put yourself  on a throne. Dethrone yourself and be free from social pressures and social expectations!
I am so glad we are dethroned  otherwise we would still be putting goats blood on the door so that god could see we are not the Egyptian babies..dude!
Really, god passes over and kills babies now? And that is ok? What are we doing?

Three or four thousand years later? Need I remind you of the Rwanda genocide when the quotes were , "Kill the Tutsi rat mothers and their rat babies so that they cannot make more!" I just heard that on NPR the other day about a movie on that whole episode...I haven't seen it yet because I have to be in the mood to get strong enough, but I think I will, get strong enough, because those are the real zombies of humanity, sigh...
I wonder why the US didn't put a stop to that horror after 30 days? I guess we didn't have drones then, lol!
Oh, it is okay to control all the opium  in the world but what is in Rwanda, a bunch of machete wielding tribesmen?

The only thing passing over is everything all the time and we, with it....
There are some family rituals that should be passed over, but who am I  to say which and whose?

I am going to make soap and feed my awesome business as if it is my sweet lover... each day, my mind making my wondrous life easy and breathtaking at the same time..that is the real magic, essential oils are magical and you are a magical creature always intending as you do and always creating as you intend to. Don't you see this brilliant light from the sun reflecting  off of me to you, it is there, please, do
see it for what I want you give you, which is a smile, a song...
thoughts as infinite particles racing in time together, me you, part of the infinite..whatever we are...

"In a bar of soap?"
"Yes! I do what I want!"



  1. Wonder what you will say about Easter......

  2. I am having dinner on easter with the fams..I will try and I mean try not to say too the end what difference does my opinion make? It is just a morning rant. I like to bring out the truth..I hope you are ok and not offended:)