Wednesday, April 23, 2014

houses in order and mosses in the same spot

Moss on neptune turned out amazing I think..
I glazed the the the top with a perfume I had made that was a little too sweet for my taste but when mixed with spirulina and more oakmoss turned out manifque..
Moss on neptune is beautiful with the lavender and the tons of oak moss, I used all I had, it was alovely one from Sunrose..soft, mossy, elegant are words that come to mind.

I played that song  from yesterday.."you are a strong, huh, beautiful woman, huh..."and sang for you when I made this, lol!

I know that words have power because now I can measure that power with the way I carry myself always..and that means singing and a whole lot of talking and having girls leave me alone when I make, isn't that nice?

 Moss on Neptune

lavender oakmoss labdanum  Austrian templin fir

layers of hidden citrus notes long having been settled in to  vetiver and patchouli

topped with kashmere lavender from white lotus..omg, yummmmm

I was going to mix the spirulina throughout the soap but no. The algea has to be on top so that you can use that part up right is loaded with blue green spirulina ( a thoughtful gift from a long soapy lovie of mine, Miss Martha:)))and some other oils I thought I would surprise you with having now made its own layer of salty rich oceany soap cream.It is made to kind of be a scrub or skin rejuvenating polish..don't worry that it will make a messy paste. It is still soap, I just feel that because I fluffed that part  up with organic coconut oil, it has a lighter density that the inner core of this soap.
Why rejuvenating? Because even if you simply use olive oil and water on your face, just the touch brings blood to the surface, giving you color and  natural glow.Your skin needs to breathe, not to be coated day and night with a layer of some wax..if it is bees wax, lovely! If it is some other weird thing, wash it off.
Of course staying clean (in all ways) is the key to great skin..get up breathe, work out, walk, climb, eat something again, good bread and coffee..what else?
Tell it to your self..
"this makes me so happy"

The inner part of this soap is made with oils only so that you can enjoy its rich velvety flavor..
It is also bordering on classic lavender oakmoss.I used a bit of labdanum here with templin fir and then a shot of sacred sanctuary perfume.

This soap might be just the thing you need. Think of it as psychic detox, accepting floating on air, dreaming, knowing more because you are floating on air..what is that, the sea? It is me, the animal in me..mine and
your mind, free from worry and doubt
mine and your ideas flourish with energy and attraction
let your mind collect them in thick icy clouds of us composed of what we once were and can be and what we now are..all a part of that..

you smell divine
you are kind
you are sweet
and you smile and say thank you

perfection in knowing who you are
right(ous) not pious..but actually good hearted
simple easy
That is who I want to be with you gliding right there next ta me:)

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