Monday, April 7, 2014

the occult

It is a thin line to use mythology as a tool for concepts of humanity  or to use mythology as the facts of how it was..a long long time ago when there were dragons and unicorns.
We are smart and know what is up
How about all the people out there? The masses?

If I only worry about my thing, everything else will take care of itself.

My thing is wonderful. I get to make soap and offer goodness for money and help the earth each time I sell a bar of soap! It is miraculous. I have sold to people all over the planet. France, Hong Kong, Israel, Autralia, UK!!!

I love making..making anything and anything from a classic dish to a classic novel, oils, gardens, perfume, ideas about oils from other masters, hydrosols, art on the wall and everywhere else, trinkets and small treasures layed out.
My happiness is all that..more and more goodness comes my way as the sun is shining and I will impose my will on no one today..but do my best as I smile within and without whenever I think of my good fortune!

I believe the trick is being happy within your circle.
I want you you to know how easy that is for me. I have fun at work and home as much as I want and not all there is. I have kids you know! They are also little wildlings ready to fly. They have bit me a few times, I can tell you that..some of you have been a  wee part..when I share.
The problem? Life!
too many, "emotional intuitives" and not enough "wisdom"- from them of course-:) and a certain  mentality coming from me.
I will tell those kids how low they are if they are!
They always come back to me ready to try again. I woke up today not worrying about loosing control as a momma.Also that our children are a reflection of us so we had better love them more...
each time they fuck up. The crisis point is when we get a chance to forgive, not before or after..not as much..
Hear that boy?!!
When you raise boys, you get to see a  whole lot of testosterone. Their living quarters smell like goats live here! I think I have said this before..oh, well, Libras do repeat themselves often! I am so glad they are at the back of the house!

I am making a new cream with oil of tomato seeds. This oil feels really nice on the skin and I think we should try that winter is over, I find that all I have left in my powder room )) is some serum. I want   a nice smelling shea cream! What, tons of neroli and patchouli for spring? I am thinking, I am thinking!

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