Saturday, April 26, 2014

ice cream?

"do you like your green tea ice cream?"
this question was asked to President Obama by a Chinese dignitary..
I only read the head line because right near by was another story about living longer if you eat raw fish and drink green tea..
"I am sure, Mr Obama was gracious and said it was lovely! He is a Leo, and for Leos it has been a time of giving up to the system or being locked in a situation..
Green tea ice cream? YUK
let me see,now,  organic rocky road, Adel's blackberry ice cream, some whipped piece of crap with guar gum, or green tea ice cream or french vanilla with raspberry swirl..?
Rocky road..wins!!
I would taste all the rest  the green tea ice cream but I am not going to waste time eating tea..even though if that was all there was I would be gracious.
Ice cream lasts an afternoon at my house so there is no chance of getting too fat eating it a whole thing of it on my own like they do on tv..
I always freak out a little, like why are you letting that whole thing melt on the coffee table and so now it will not freeze right again and it'll  taste "icy"??
I like green tea, I do, I know I should drink would cut in to my espresso spot though:)
We got this new machine at work and I can taste all the essential oils in the organic Italian coffee he presses though that thing! It is a Frank and I would only dream of having one..I already do at work though and if we think about it, I am there most of the time and there is a superb barista waiting to do my bidding:)!!
So really it is already mine...I have been doing a double shot everyday now for two weeks. It gets my day going like nothing I have used in a long time. It has become this little ritual, I like the reprieve. The cream it makes and then the bitter hot taste of pure essential oils, fruity, rich, dark, magic..

Retail is rough business you know. The people, the food, the boxes and the occasional freeking nut bag who only wants magnesium in a capsule but not to  say magnesium oxide with citrate and glycenate.. "only magnesium glycenate"
"magnesium is an element, you know that? It isn't already created as magnesium glycenate, or magnesium chelate?
Chelation is a binding technique which allows the mag to be more useful in your body.."
"oh you won't convince me, now show me another"
(he actually put his hands on his ears))
"what are you a Taurus man fixed in your ways?"
"no, I am an Aries"
"ah, that is why I am not mad at you!"
He must have some Taurus about stubborn to the extreme!

hah ha hah ha

Smiling, I said, "magnesium is is a rock sir, they grind it up and mix it  with citric acid"
No, no, you  won't convince me, I know I have seen an oil!"
"I do not think you should drink that and I believe they extract that from a northern part of earth and it is only for bathing."

I walked away from him thinking, I gotta let it go, I gotta not care, I  gotta just accept
him for what he is
just another soul
having met life's   journey and
then at some moment, a speck of time
he may have
tripped over his own shadow
a little part of him stayed there
it makes him feel strong
like he belongs
to a secret stance
that might just restore
his false confidence


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