Wednesday, April 2, 2014

recipes for the day

Nick is coming over to make soap. He is someone I trust and he has abilities similar to mine. He is an Aquarius fellow..ah,  some of you think we're having sex. It isn't like that, although plenty of women want that man, he is beautiful. It is time to let someone help me, I am busy, maybe we'll make more soap for the world, my way! hahahaa
Our friendship is so stress free and awesome! I let him in and we make soap. He loves neroli, I love neroli and we make soap and talk numbers and measures. he has an elegance hard to describe and a sensibility of a gay man as my Tonie would say.
Today we make soap.

A Neroli Brew, the last batch just blew me away(neroli winter's brew) it was so good

more frankincense fir with cypriol( that nagarmotha stuff)
I only made a few  last time just to see if I like. I do, very much like,  and if you are looking for a tenacious soap bar that will stay with you through the day, Nagarmotha is a key ingredient..I wonder if I mix it with rose what would happen?
Not yet..this blend is for breathing and focus. Nagar motha aids in breathing and clears the mucus membranes so it is also a kidney tonic..not to be used while preggers babes..
I just sold the last bar or should I say nugget of this amazing soap  so we need more. I feel like we will and should use all of our mental abilities towards clarity and focus in the coming weeks..clarity is my favorite:)

And, a new batch old whore..I have a chunk of the wild batch I made last time. I had that batch  on sale..yes, she is rough but once you add water and smooth your hands, in your way, all over her she becomes perfection and a part of you. Soap is very intimate, isn't it?
She knows what it is you want and climbs on that like she would her inner stallion. (behave) There,  she rides the wave of success..people love her, she has no enemies.. she opens doors in  mind.  There, where the seed of all creation lies.
That is what I intend for her always.


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