Thursday, April 10, 2014

the full moon a commin and more angular nothings

The Earth will be in the middle of a very powerful line up in space. Sun Earth Mars line up is something that doesn't happen much in space, so the magnetic forces are super intense for the next week or so..
Things get stirred which you didn't think would get stirred.Don't let yourself skip steps or falter in your duties because that there is some heavy sheit and some people heads will roll. The Year Of The Horse is all about, rolling thunderous change, or transition, even.
They already have really...rolled...All the steps have been made by each individual already. You know it.
I feel this line up will show some people are more ruthless than you thought..good thing you didn't invest any time or money one them. What have i been saying about doing our best? Yes, it shows in each word you utter. I see it all day, it is true what they say, "smile and the whole world smiles with you, cry and eventually, you cry alone"
Don't cry. Do your best! Take a shower with the old whore (in you)..attract a perfect lover or perfect work mate, attract a perfect paycheck with a big fat raise, attract your next work or art which will atonish even you..
That can all happen right now to you!

When we are learning about blending oils we sometimes do not get the monetary value  each perfect batch of soap really is..long sigh here... and there is me... I'll end up dumping too much and not enough  neroli to make happiness in those  smelly areas of our brains. I will brighten our mornings and soften our nights.
Each time you apply a little balm on your hands or face, you'll be elevated by unseen light ridden particles of scent..yea, it is big..and we are connected by a web of unseen gravity, joined  through our thoughts..permeating and penetrating areas not yet discovered and yet still, we know that they reflect light in certain waves, each compistion making its way deep inside you and your conciouness is even at this moment, accepting all the goodness. I love that!
 We all learn by observing our own reactions to life based on our desire to please and I, my soapies, I feel like we are special. I feel like anyone who likes patchouli is a friend of mine and anyone who loves it with vetiver is my sweet and most  kind and delicious friend.
I want to make you happy, you bunnies who buy my soap ..I like it that we are like minded. I'd love to sit and eat with you, some nugget of goodness,
you,  my creatures of laughter and song
you are my sexy hound dog(s) even though it is the year of the horse which all dogs do very well in!


I have been wearing patchouli with neroli and mandarin..very nice dry off..very nice! Not too much mandarin, you know..just to brighten things up:)

have a wonderful day :)

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