Thursday, April 24, 2014

new balms and creams

there will be a frankincense balm because I recently met a little woman from Yemen who has frankincense nuggets as big as my fist..that is what she said. we really hit it off. He daughter usually speaks for her for her and she listens. Her English is good enough now,  for us to have had a great conversation. She was raised like me in a small village. She still wears the covering on her head like a scarf like the women did in my village way back in the day.
We talk about how much I have longed to go to Yemen to clollect frankincense. "ah levani"
I ran to my car and gave her some birch soap (the only thing I had in the car)for her sisters skin condition. They had come in to talk to me about what to do about a certain virus that attacks the skin.. I wish she would bring me some.of those chunks of levani and I would mix that with amber, the fosilised one.. that would be cool. I will make balm for her sister!
I want that so much right now. I wonder if we can distill some?
How the yield would be.or how much she would give to me?
 I love, love, frankincense!
I also have a sample of one of sweetest German chamomiles I have smelled in years..
sometimes the blue oils take on a bitterness..not this! Eden sent me a sample and I fell in love! Also the patchouli I bought from Sunrose is starting to mellow. She said she ran out of the 12 year old one, what could I do but get what I can?

It seems like we will have a great year in soapmaking which kind of starts now. people want nice skin all year long, but Spring is when we take our sweaters off, we must be ready to show some sleek, taught skin..taught lika a tauiger..haha
Ok, ok, there is a posibility the lady will never show up is cool because when she does show up, it'll be an even better surprise!

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