Friday, April 25, 2014


vanilla and cacao with cacao butter soap, balm and hair and skin toner..

I need a little break for desert so I thought I would whip up something like that combo.

I will tell you this much, people who buy from  me want OW more than lavenders and cacaos but there those who love the chamomiles and lavenders.
I love lavender with oakmoss and then once in a while I like German cham with lavender. It is lovely. add a little rose and righto..perfection in cream, balm or any other lovely thing I would put it in.

Regression To The Means except  in interesting concept proven over and over that is is real in our daily lives...
you know, always going back to what is an average for you..
remember how they would  say, "once a blank , always a  blank"
I say make the average the best you can and don't be lazy about it so that your regression to the means is better each year!
Do you think it is easy to break your daily habits for something better?
How can we encourage out intuition to be more active I our habits, to serve us?
Seems like we have to convince that inner being that he should make that happen. He is like CEO, and you are are automatically serving .."He', I mean you, inside your head..that is the part we are getting to know, both in science and in meta physical studies and the occult..
in the end it is always mind control+ plus rare and random luck which is not dependable..right?
I do not know about you, but my choices have put me here now. I must have thought highly of myself even then to be so well set now. I feel like I am in a good place mentally too.
That is why I am thinking the vanilla cacao with maybe a shot mandarin..
in a balm..
I ordered jars a week ago! They will be here today..We'll have a special, I can't wait to show you..
I made olive oil cleanser with grapeseeds, also
a toner like Tonie said to do, vanilla bean lemon..
She and her girls rave about it. Miss Linden Glitter, you are so smart..this one is for you!
Basically you boil 1 cup water with a vanilla bean and a half lemon when finished you add 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar and strain..
Eleneetha's retail version with contain a diluted form of this mixture and one drop lemongrass as preservative. I never use toner but I poured this on my head and it was glorious!

I have to go. It has been one of those weeks where I am busy early in the day. I wish I could stay here and cut paper and read things:) and take pictures to show you..tomorrow, then!
Have a wonderful day!

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