Monday, April 7, 2014

tomato seed oil

cold pressed and non GMO tomatoes, ok, ok:)

I am excited about the next thing. I have some really nice healing oils for our bods babes, which, I think, will not only help our skin but also smell nice.

Anastasia's Super Anti Oxidant Hydrating Skin Treatment
The  serum comes in a 10 ml vial
tomato seed oil (cartenoids, lycopene, zea xanthin)
pom co2 (punicic acid, antioxidant, omega 5 and a conjugated linoleic acid)
organic cranberry seed oil
wild watermelon seed oil (ootanga)
organic jojoba
organic rose hip seed oil

This blend I will also be made in a butter with shea for a creamy skin treat.

The scent should be something we all love and cherish
for the serum, just a hint sandalwood

for the butter..I am still thinking..I want fresh and heady at the same time..that is why neroli with patchouli..
I will know soon enough, what to make of it..for now, I am planting seeds and eating them!

This weeks soap menu will include,
cacao patchouli soap
lemony lemon soap
lavender palmarosa salt
bergamot lavender


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