Saturday, April 19, 2014

Your own personal rebirth

It is very exciting to be here and now, right here and right now!
And it is very real even if it doesn't feel that way..
We have had such doses of reality that we need to escape a little bit.
Weather it be flirting which I must say, I've indulged more frequently as of late. With Saturn in Scorpio, I can only say that we all have been a little self involved. We are repairing and finding our way. We are letting go of things that will not serve us. We are facing reality and have had our last big party..I love  all of it but Saturn in Scorpio has had me working my ass off and I love a good story so at the moment there is, Mad Men..the smoking the drinking the nap the sex and the coughing on mad is like an evil bewitched, I tell ya! The first year of bewitched with the first Darin..with the cute witch.
Some of us.. so overwhelmed that all we can do is carry on and do our job.Be real and love our kids. We get  sad and make mistakes, get over saddened by some heart shattering even by a late husband or lover and I don't mean dead.  I mean, when we as humans know it is time to buckle down and do what we want, yo. Take Saturn in Scorpio and learn, get ready to learn, get ready to soar with knowledge because it is just now getting interesting! Saturn is headed (inevitable) in to Sagittarius..phew!
Do the work, be indulgent in your approach, and really learn it all as best as you can, say you're sorry, say, "hello"
higher learning
real god understanding
expanding business based on intuition's guidance
taking care of the inner mind as well as the outer body
feeling emotional restraint  especially in certain areas of the body..

"I walk easily through my day"

Saturn is bones, teeth, skin as well as having built  a large protective barrier between you and the world.
Think about it..Saturn is all about restrain only if you have nothing to work for..when you intentionally  love and learn and gentry arrange your life, everything is fine, you are fine, no need for lies or sadness or judging harshly, no need for sadness at all..because what is done is done..that is the big idea about re-birth..
The "egg" and yes, of course the chicken came first..ha haa hahaaaa, see? It is like that..right now your brain is getting ready for your next little shift and you get to take a few things much are you willing to carry?
ha ha haaaaa
I love you!
Happy Easter

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