Monday, August 25, 2014

Happy New Moon In Virgo

Happiness and joy on this splendid Monday!

This New Moon focus will be on getting things done and beginning new routines.
Yoga a new diet commitment.
Paleo seems to be popular these days. I say try it but do not expect yourself to stay with unrealistic outcomes. There is a reason Man has gone agrarian and later industrial. He finds what works and makes it work more better.
This New Moon teaches us to work more reason may that we can see our mistakes easier with this new moon, find our own weakness and take any opportunity to improve ourselves. Virgo does not like dirt or dirty unless it is dirty sex..they do enjoy that little dark secret..not so secret now!

We could all get a little energy into being healthier. That is Virgo all day. Eating better, eating clean, eating less bread and cakes..

I think it is a good time to be real with your intentions and test your own loyalty. How loyal are you to the real people in your life. Virgo is always tested on this.
We have a Saturn Mars conjunction breaking some hearts..don't be sad, babes, people move on and make mistakes. You can't fix everyone you love, even when they are twats you cannot stop them.
Just remember to ask yourself why you care so much about others? Interesting, isn't it?
The way we get worked up over others behavior..why?
Obsessions? Yes and Mars Saturn..

*one last thing on Virgo vibes mixed with Scorp..b a friend..and in so doing, have a friend..some still need learning to be a friend,
not us, we are amazing!

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