Tuesday, August 12, 2014

let's talk about witches and what they do

they conjure up potions for me and you
they are me and you
thinking willing
making things heal
every cell in our brain training to be real
a thought makes light appear so that she can see all things she already knows
like  being sure of what works
are you a witch
or are you a mystic
who knows  what you are
be the person you want to be and do not  be late
talking too long and you'll have to wait again through yet another cycle..do what needs done now.

they want to heal
they drive away foes
by the will of their aim
their eyes see more
and yet they are are feared
some one said they are ugly because they don't follow cannon law


talk about evil
let's not

lets talk about how we can see vibes in colors of green and blue and even yellow on myself and you
they are drawn as being able to fly at night, hexing..as if!
Such nonsense has gotten us no where
and given them reason to hate something else..
a whipping boy
a Lilith to have and to scare children with and all because she wanted to be on a top for a minute! ( knew a man like that once))
such games
witches do not play
they make pumpkin pie
and build a fire
and know the rhythm of life is always doing what it is doing.

"wisdom, let us attend"
"Us" like in the royal us..me myself and I:))))

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