Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ideas on Lilith square Mars

she calls it astro fuckery..
It is true that the aspects are in a tight square..good!
Yes, it is upsetting when zimbos do what they do without a thought or care to what is real and what they should do.
Zimbos- people who are selfish, self serving and easily offended by nothing everyday occurrences

We are not on auto pilot! We think things through!

 The thing with these aspects and I do  not know the mystical reasons why astrology works and why we are effected if it is just mythology and our creation..of types?
Why then are energies so intense right now? Things burn out! Mars square Lilith!

logic says that it is the harvest
the work is piling on
it must happen in a timely way
it must be done, that is it..
The best thing to do is make bullet points of attention for yourself and follow the rules as best you can.
The rules of kindness and understanding..above and beyond any others.

Like the other day, I made a point that a certain vitamin wasn't all that wonderful because it is USP and not really all that
"well, it is special to me!""
"oh yea, well maybe that is why you are  unhappy, and rude and no body likes you much?"
( I did not say that!))
"there are better vitamins for you with out any contaminants or chemical extracting methods"
I wouldn't let her get away with being a being mean to me..
How are you offended by or for a brand? That is stupid and puts you down like an insult!

My lovely Jewish customer who looks like a goddes is so grand when I question her kosher ways..
I mean what do they do pray over the vitamin, it is still syntheticly derived.
"No, it is just a procedure where they look at the way in which the prep work is done.."
"humm....I would say bless your own food cuz I don't think god cares about some hexane derived  nutrient being kosher or no"
her daughter chimes in..( she is about 14)"I think God is a woman, a goddess"
I looked at her awesome momma and I said, "I think you are a goddess and I love your style!"
She is my age and dresses like a stylin peasant woman, always with a stylin hat and long skirt..clean skin, clunky shoes of high quality..
life is good when you eat kale I reckon.

People are so interesting. Some make you feel all warm and loved and others brizzle your feathers a little..
Just saying for all of us to get perspective..and I say that to my kids all day.

**woke up to a child whose conditioner was taken to the other shower..""omg..stop talking""
got up and made coffee and tried to get my Internet to work..
The coffee maker exploded and dumped a whole pot of hot coffee on the counter which took an hour to clean up..nothing was lost except that broken pot.
I brought in an old coffee maker which now I know why I put in is broken. I changed the filter cartridge and it got super hot..dude!! Is this Lilith square Mars? Wow..
What is that the fifth coffee maker this year? Now what?
Leave it! I will get a new press for is not that expensive at TJMaxx..

did you know and enough already!

 Islam has only had 13 years of peace since it began?

Christianity only 50 years of peace in the 2000 years or so since it started?

Judaism, I do not know since they just recently started fighting back.
Enough already!

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