Friday, August 1, 2014

bad spelling good heart scorpionic love wave and where is my jasmine oil?

ha ha ha
I am a geek, I have said it quite regularly so that you do not expect too much from me.:)

Here is what you can expect. I work alone and make mistakes as a result. My friends say they don't care about bad spelling and type o's and that it is a pleasure to read my blog.

Do you think I tell too much about religion?
I know I do. It is important to note regularly where we stand as civilization from my point of view.

It is isn't a rant. it is basic logic and real measurable evidence..If Mary gave real birth and believe me,  it is a messy business, pushing a baby  out, if she pushed Jesus out of her vagina, she was not a virgin. never happened and if we accept that even a thread of that is true then we must also see that we have been made to take oath to "believe" in something even though we can see it and it seems to be a dick all day..with all these dumb rules, like you can't enjoy astrology and philosophy or satire or mention his name or in Islam, draw a picture of his sacred self..remember that whole fiasco? sheesh!
Islam and Judaism and Christianity come from the Abrahamic know~ he was going to kill his son for god and then just snipped  his penis and still does..Are we really so advanced 4 thousand years later? It is worthy of thought my friends, profoundly so.
George Carlin said that God was a bad manager because he is so bad with money. "he always seems to need money from us" lol
That is so funny!
Yes, yes, I realize that it means we should be kind and good and help our fellow man. But,  how  come a pope lives in his own closed of country run by his flock's money? It is very interesting..

Maybe this is also an idea. keep your clan close and always do the right thing so that you can do good always and be careful who you give your gold to.
Do not just throw your money to the wind but also become giving and generous, to yourself  and in your own family. My mom taught me that and my dear friend Tonie.

I am fine with all of it..but I must say that living a dream life is a dream right? I mean we all bust our asses in some way or another so we do not have to live in squalor. So we can look at a nice place and eat what ever food we love. I love all the foods. I am a we can make love and talk all we can share laughter with each other with delight, so we can learn by our mishaps and so we can forgive and not tell this and that...and talk it up in to a mountain by the end of the proud you have this, rub your lover's feet with anointing oils and really love each other, really share in the moment ..
beware of lingering past mistakes, be aware of the lingering jealousy at the end of the day..leave all that behind if you can dear must remember this is now, here you are now, and it is very good and safe and dry and warm at night..

I have made so many friends through the years and they all talk to me about, well, just about anything..I have Mercury in Scorpio in  my tenth house  and right now, conjunct Mars in Scorpio. I like it. learning-zilla is a thought that comes to mind.:)
Soon I will expose myself to more through work and more refined behaviors  and ideas..
If there is anything A Scorpio transit can do, and believe me there is plenty they can do, but if there is that One thing that is a best thing is, not to say a word.
They can say nothing and hold back and observe.
They should anyhow.
Here is the thing though..
Holding too much back makes for seething and stealthy and then, one day, like a fucking Volcano!

Stealthy is way the best thing.. be stealthy for goodness not outward authority. Stealthy for learning the shit, the nitty gritty and the rareness in all..being able to ask yourself first and don't lie, now!
That is the Scorpio way. man, you are good though..

Amazing oils for a Scorpio transit would be always sandalwood and always a shot jasmine because it loves the lower shakras where creation and rebirth lie..jasmine does..
Don't believe me?
I am sure there is a wee tiny micro particle in jasmine which makes us feel animal, churning, living thoughts thunderously rolling..burning to reach the heavens of your mind..which when you think about are the mind..and the animal..
Scorpionic, jasmine is, and,  when you add a little bit black  pepper and ginger or nutmeg, you might get a rare hint of mysticism..I have been wanting a little black pepper, actually.

I am in to the oily balms at the moment..I can actually slowly melt each nugget of frankincense in the beeswax and It is jelly..My goodness, but that excites me!

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