Tuesday, August 5, 2014

it is hideous and beautiful

I made an awesome recipe and it smelled like flowers and summer and honey and my goodness!

 It just exploded in the mold and cracked open on top and I had to add (like a crazy person) perfume of Scorpio, I thought it would fill the crack and sort of bake in like it always does..but no..it created a crevice and then as it cooled closed itself off but it was too late.
the chemical reaction was too volatile and the oils simply imploded in themselves.
 It could have been the honey, I put this awesome raw honey I just bought fresh at the market. When I added the honey everything went red. Vibrant red! Then it turned amber orange and then this.

You know, I am obsessed with basil at the moment.. I prepared it in this soap with mandarin with bloody orange oil, beeewax, labdanum, patchouli, frankincense, templin fir, lavender, star anise, burgundy pitch, frankincense tears, loads of honey, raw, from Wiscaansan..(you have to say it lie a mid westerner..lol

Ok, I may have cut it too soon because my thoughts were that it is alwready done for! I had to see what is up in there because the look is already lost!
I think this soap will become of my best things and so I will gift you  a nugget. It will be special to you, you will wash your face and feet and feel like you are a sweet honey bunny..

It smells like butter scotch candy and peaches simmering in brown sugar, it smells of love for sure and it will slowly unfold its rare  perfumed sweetness later.
I hope you get one..put it away until next month  and then we will talk.I am using my little chunk at the fall equinox..it seems perfect to share a honey cake with myself then.

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