Sunday, August 3, 2014

another day to be a scorpio surgeon and learn not yern

a surgeon of life that is.

I love this. I get to be real and it turns out I am doing ok and true blood episode 7 season 7, the last one being next Sunday.
I love this season and it turns out eric has been doing real martial arts so it isn't just vampire fast forward.
He is so tall and isn't Bruce Lee, but, still real effort.
If you watch true blood because you like gay sex, it is ok, you can admit it and who cares if the vampires ate all the republicans at that one thing in the story.
"Why you gotta take politics to a religious level. In Vampire sexy land, everyone gets eaten..someone said to me, I don't like that show with their liberal affront to republicans!!"
You know what I said?
I said, "well, I find it sad that in such an advanced and intelligent society where we still divided is that sad thing and vampires  kill everyone!"
"Yea, but I am a republican!"
I am perplexed for second,  see?
All I said was, " why?" " who cares about any of them, we are fine right now in this place, right?"
"er, ah, yes.."
Golly imagine that people risk their lives ( like me a while back) to live here because we get to do fun stuff like watch true blood, hemlock grove, derek, dude, so touching, sherlock and dinner with chef chang, the ramen master.
Republican? Democrats? that is smart and do the right thing always and it seems to me if you worship leadership blindly, you will go over a cliff, one side always does!
Am I wrong about this?
What is so bad about caring for each other? Nothing?

What is new in soap?

Here we have somewhat of "line" forming like cows do on the magnetic rhythms of earth..cows have a special magnet in their huh? That is why they travel in a line together!

Any how, I am confident that I have somewhat of a lovely  line of skin care. I am pulling myself together as it were:).
I have been satisfied with the soap labels, I hope you are too. I want a clean tidy look with somewhat of a classical feel in the materials..also, I want a simple label and  I can make my labels right here and one which you can easily open.
You see, I seem to have an aversion to leaving my house after work. It is restful here.I can think about each oil, give a spell or two make it mine all the time so that no two are the same but each one a seduction like no other no binding strings to bring you in places you need not be, but yes, one which makes you smile and sing and smell it good it can make you sick with desire  to have its luxury and comfort and smoothness of awesome skin on you..I know!! You want this as I do!!

I am never the same. And that is alright. How can anyone in artisan skin care be? You get the kind of rose scent from a  rose which was grown by some guy or woman in France or eastern Europe, Bulgaria and all that. How can they always be the same? I have a rose otto from someone which is solid, you have to heat it..and smells a little sour at first. Once heated, it unfolds memories of warmth and dry sweet resinous airs with mountain breezes near could wonder about certain compounds in the air, mountain laurel for example, it smells amazing, it trillions of particles of scent must surely effect the surrounding flora.
I do not know, maybe I do not want to know. It is just as alluring to me every time I get to buy rose oil as the last time I bought..
Eden has a white rose otto that is beautiful. That is what I am using in the creams and oils right now.
I am conjuring up gloriousness for me the time before that is just awesome.

Happy Birthday Leo!

Here are some ideas some of which I might not get to for 6 months or so but still I want things

bay berry clove
more oakmoss
basil with cardamom and ginger
basil madanrin lime
frankincense and everything

There are somethings which I will keep secret in order with samhain..yes I will do that..lets us revel in glorious unfoldment of sharing our bounty and our health too because in August we get to eat really well! Cherries have been in season and apples soon! Just so delicious!

Have a good one!

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