Monday, August 18, 2014

Moonday thoughts and wishes

Is the new dark moon a commin?

I don't mind for myself as I have some 12th  house issues which I am used to because it is not a really bad thing. I always say that do what you can and everything takes care of itself.
some one asked me how to deal with that corporate world..
I am at a constant  like..ok ok, I am fine now, I can do this to like a light switch, some thing comes out of my mouth and shocks someone.
I don't know why...
Speaking of true blood..or should I say truly boring I want to see Hoyt having sex right now!
I wish Eric would have eaten all those guys and been done with all of them which is what he will likely do. That Alexander fella is pleasant..his voice?? I don't know..I would rather he spoke Swedish through the whole thing!
I do not know if you watch true blood..Bill wants to he has a chance to be free I guess..
"we are death Eric"
Anyone but Steven Moyer should have said that!

How can you be? Dead and alive? Did the vampire strain of human get a virus in them? Some strange organism from another planet?  Like the strange zombies on world war z..I watched it again..I am giving it a ten!..Max Brooks wrote that story..Mel Brooks son!

 If the sun makes us..
You need sun light to live and since you are alive..the good kind not the bad where it burns you up. But this is how long it took us to grow humans..began from earlier races of do we know? DNA and computers. Even now, for about $250.00 you can trace your linage way far away..a long time ago.Each living cell in your body having all the time in the world so to speak, to become what you are now..and it turns out that your cells have a memory and they could be composed of materials made billions of years ago in a star..
** I want my cells to have memories of the best thngs..wealth and grace till my cup runneth over and for your cells  too**

"do you think you were a shaman in a past life, because I feel like we have a connection?"
"No, not really" "I do not know..and why does it matter now?"
I do enjoy some of the practical ways in which native Americans used "the land"
Casinos? Really? I do not get that?

My momma said, "do not gamble and always rest, a gambling man is no good", she would say that to me as a child. I saw the pattern and growing up, I have met a few who take chances and risk themselves. As a Libran woman, I like things to be steady and constant. that gets boring to some..I do what I want..whatevah..

Pay attention and say what needs said but gently and with out malice..that there new moon tid bit is an important thing.
I like this time so much!
Virgo lovies, get ready for a wonderful  job or some money coming. I think it is time you step up.
leave your sadness all behind you.
you may want to blame others for your past..sometimes you push yourself in to a corner is all  I am saying..
do what you want and wake up satisfied. It is the  best way I can see. And there is nothing wrong with clean sheets.

Our sun has many billion years to go which makes it a fantastic time to be on earth. There is nothing to fear. I work out in the garden and it is wonderful really. To feel particles of light is hot, stingy, nice.
there is nothing to fear
our family our friends
they are all near
there is plenty of food and salad
and soon in my garden
 organic corn
calendulas exploding with  the most vibrant colors I have ever seen..
I would love my wood fired oven now please
and thank you:)

a patchouli cake I made with she abutter and my super seed oil blend as a refat booster at the finsih.
What a change shea butter makes to a base, yea? it is the big white chunk, the other little nuggets are time lord soap..which I made with the same fatty base..
I used plenty of boswellia serrata  especially locked with in the green clay structures so that as you wash you get the extra wonderful pine and incense notes..all the cedars are here too.
It is the magic of frankincense and cedar makes  for truely magnificent outcomes!

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