Saturday, August 9, 2014

it is about you

people I know think I talk about them when I say sagg or cappy or Scorpio..yes it is about you, ha ha ha
(common, I know 3 Sagittarius women and 100 Scorpios and mix Scorpio with Sagittarius and Capricorn ideas and you have an ego that can go millions of miles..hahahaaa
it is only because you are so good. be careful of imploding on yourselves is all I am saying because then Libra and Aquarius get hit with shrapnel!

(a convo with a person who takes 10 pills a day for ailments)
"I don't feel good"
Did you take a probiotic today?"
"how sick do you have to get before you believe me?"
"Take one, do it!"
"It will only help everything"

"hello, I took it:)))"
":)), good, now do it every day for a month and we'll talk"
"I love you, anastasia"

**instead of the colon tests they give at the hospital and I do not know how much they cost but it is way more  than a simple bottle of raw probiotics by garden of life! I know, it is really dehydrated or freeze dried yogurt kefer type material and I am glad! It works to make you feel better. Even if you are dairy free..
now, being  lactose intolerant is different. But people who cannot drink milk can actually take a fermented yogurt vitamin and not suffer. they make dairy free probiotics but then you do not get the lacto bacillus strains.

I have been having wonderful nights sleep lately..I mean all summer, really. maybe it is because I  take probiotics, hahahaaa
Here in the Midwest it has been so nice at night, you just open the window and breath real nice least at my place.Trouble is, the birds wake me up super I let them sing and dozed for another hour, my room comfortably cool, my blanket a perfect weight..

"I loves all small things, I loves the bunny, I don't know what the hamster is doing but I loves him too"

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