Saturday, August 2, 2014

scrounging protien boy

little stupid boy..using my time for nothing good!
he buys the protien begs for coupons and makes sure he gets all that is coming to him and buys 3 canisters on his card.. and then you are like ok,  that went well..but no!
He comes back next week with the product almost all used up  no recipt and gets his money back!
He has played this so perfectly well! Or so he thinks!
Yesterday he scrounged for 24 dollars in coupons and I gave it.
They told me later how he playes his shtick for 24 dollars!
He gets all the money back with his return of product and even the coupon money he had saved with his he never paid for when he saved the 24 dollars. So he goes and buys more product..
Just so he can keep taking this material and never really pay for it..The money from the card comes to him, because he can't work? He is doing a fine job thinking this thing through pretty well! And, we know he is fit because he takes this nutritious powder for two years now!

What is 24 dollars going to do for that guy? Unless he does it every week at all the stores in Detroit?
24x6= 144 dollars..
Still, what a small way to live, right?  okay, what is $144 dollars a week going to do for this guy?
 Nothing at all. he is so messed up on 'dumb', that he only mastered this one thing. Bad Boy! It is time for the anastasia way..
You shouldn't return the same thing over and over to make 24 dollars profit each time..that does not help anything not you not anyone! Especially not anymore, because we all know your game and think low of you!
 I will tell him, "no..bring a recipt and we'll talk." I want to take his picture, but I fear that would stepping on his human right to steel from me and you..that is what happened the last time some one tried to say, "no" to him  and he raged on about stereotyping black and some dumb shit. What he maybe does not know, is they come in all colors and sizes..the scroungers do! White as snow, dark like chocolate..and in between..sneering all day..

Yes, there are great customers..thank goodness.. who come in for real business. I simply cannot imagine spending your whole day wasting your whole life as it passes you by and not challenging your mind to be better as a person and human..
than to  go from store to store returning shit so they can get to keep the 4 or 5 dollars from the coupons for themselves..
People think too small..

I want 24 thousand dollar gifts if we are talking boons from heaven! One billion 24 thousand dollars even!

I do  not know how this boy thinks this is OK..
My boys are rare indeed and we have disagreed on many things of which I found  un reasonale standards in their education, but steeling, no..and scheming to steel, no!   I have one boy right now who can't handle the truth. So? I am not mincing words to protect his dumb secret lies..he gets mad when I tell it like it is..he gets mad..boys need a mom with strong words so that they can be good men..because sometimes the father is not there.
This other boy, this scrounging protien boy? Who knows, maybe the frontal lobe (the area that is one's personality) in his brain was damaged at birth..

worst zombie movie..
day of the dead
so bad
I watched the whole thing!

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