Wednesday, August 13, 2014

soapmaking today

neem rhassoul with frankincense and eucalyptus
a favorite!

sweet orange cinnamon with ground grape seeds and cumin oil (otherwise known as black seed oil)

they seem sharp, I  know!
I have been working on many things in my mind but a person cannot make everything.
I still have a little violet tobacco perfume stowed away somewhere. I bet it smells amazing right about now..
my plan!ha@&)) is to mix that with palo santo and patchouli in that palo santo beer soap..kind of what I made the last time but with more substance. I feel like the sugars in the beer gives you a soft soap. So what do i reduce the beer on the stove like I would wine and then but the beer in the soap? I mean, of course, I will add less water phase.

palo weird and so alluring. It draws you like a surprise from a long having seen friend.
My best friend..I have never actually met her. That is how much the world has changed.

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