Saturday, August 16, 2014

today's menu

organically  grown and fragrant and gently dried calendula petals  steeped in organic olive oil and beeswax
afterwards to be added to potions~

Potion One
Organic Angelica and  Vetiver Calendula Potion

yes, I have found it, my angelica oil:)
what a perfect time for this healing and centering plant
I know this much, it gives me peace and tranquility right off, just thinking about her
she brings grace like a good friend who sings to you when you are tired of the outside world..
rebirth in a way
because she allows for the best things..
more on angelica later
vetiver here is perfection and helps with pain and hurt from too much work..vetiver holds you from deep below where you are rooted..good for the spine and muscles which lead to the regenerative mechanisms..

our healing is just  thought away.
angelica is great for menopause too,
and,  heavy bleeding from ending your birthing cycle in your life.
it helps you get more juicy, you know, where. This is the time when you can bless your home and family and angelica brings health as well as wealth to the forefront of your mind. Who knows where you'll go from there?
You will!!

Potion Two
Calendula Infusion Balm  with German chamomile and Roman Chamomile and a few drops lemon verbena in that..(mostly to really highlight the calendula is that good!!)) I grew some fine organic celendulas this year!!

 Also to be made..

Vanilla coconut hair and skin pomade

time lord soap
pluto potion soap
patchouli soap

dreaming of my wish list..
100% orange blossom soap..that good stuff from eden!
omg, but that would be decadent!

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