Friday, August 1, 2014

organic white rose rhassoul clay mask and face cleanser


I wanted something for myself with rose. I love rose so much and I love to wash my face with its divine scent lingering, and making me smile.
The grape seeds are ground to a super fine powder so do not worry that it will scrape your will feel really nice.
I put a bunch of rhassoul too, so if you want you can let it dry and then wash it off in the shower later.
here is the recipe

1 cup ground rhassoul clay (mountain rose) for manganese and lithium
1/2 cup french green clay for calcium and silica
1/4 cup  ground seeds of grapes, raspberry, chia.
1/8 cup ground organic quinoa ( for fluff)
1/8 cup ground  organic garbanzo
10 drops rose otto
I used both organic white rose otto and china tea rose otto

you can blend this all really finely and keep it dry in the cooler..
Here I have added organic fractionated  coconut oil. I find it behaves like a cleanser when I do this this and it is more manufactured that I am used to, but it is worthy of a feels clean and very nice..

I hope you enjoy this:)

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