Saturday, August 16, 2014

vanilla patchouli moments with a pisces woman

and I even spelled pisces correctly..
you know I  makes errors and etsy doesn't have a spell checker when you edit descriptions..and I edit all day:) that is why it said spakly in stead of sparkly! ha ha ha omg and why?!
finally we get to the bottom of things! It is to laugh! :):)

So,  this Pisces woman..she is not not happy..
she is wealthy and spends upwards to a thousand a week on any thing she wants..maybe more..who knows..
she dresses impeccably with an always pressed linen shirt..I find that Pisces women do like smooth cloth on them and always pressed. this lady, she comes in one time a week and we avoid her, because she just won't leave, she listens to everything  we say and do and asks us questions. It is always so interesting that she lingers..and we have real work to do some days..(yesterday I talked to a thousand people, she was one of  the first)..She is Persian and gorgeous in the face and a little round and curvy..
I am sick.."
"no, you are fine"
I took MRI, I am fine, they said to me"
"that is so awesome!"
"and, no lupus like I told you last year?"
"see? now what is the reason that you are so  sad babe?"

she stated crying..
people make shit up to cry about. right? Well, no, sadness is good really, you have to shed some  tears, it opens you up to real.. How are you to change anyone now, is my question.
If you are crying because you no longer feel closeness with your mate, that is very sad indeed and your kids are moving on..all you want is to be near your lover and your friend that you've lost along the way somehow due to drugs, career or simply put, they were an asshole in the first place and you thought your love would heal all that....awesome connection..
It is to laugh my friends! It is to laugh because we have all been in this pickle somehow.
At least she wants to eat well and take green drinks!

I told her this..
"**odd note here..and very cool!
there are 10 trillion living cells running your body right now and they gather up to perform 200 tasks for you to live..liver, heart, your mind all made up of cells moving around  right now..they have enzymes in them."

Pisces is sweet
you have just forgotten
loyal and worthy
and you should never neglect them
or bore them or nag

I say vanilla and I say patchouli in coconut oil but  for her , I would say ylang ylang with one drop orange blossom...

get a vanilla bean
scrape it and then chop it super fine with a sharp knife
put it all in 1/2 cup coconut oil and in a clean class jar
stick the jar in a stainless steel pot with water in it and slow simmer at the lowest setting on your stove.
allow this to simmer for 2 hours
and then set it aside in a cool place..not the freezer.
you can add ylang ylang if you want to. or one drop patchouli. It is really good.

when you think it is ready, you will reheat your water thing and slowly melt the material down and then strain with cheese cloth or a fine mesh stainer..the water should be hot and not boiling, btw..
straining depends if you want specs of vanilla in your cream..
clean cheese cloth is like three dollars at my store check your whole foods if you have one near by. It is a wonderful tool when you want to make something this raw-ly. this recipe on its own it is other oils really needed.
Also, Zerbos in Livonia,  has that chopped vanilla powder that you can buy by the ounce..
So simple and you have an excellent cream for yourself!

have a good one

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